In a busy world, it is hard to snack right.  Take 10 minutes on Sunday night to make this easy snack prep that will make you a happy snacker. Includes Annie’s organic chewy granola bars

I am one of those weirdos eccentrics who loves broccoli in any form and even raw! It always finds its way into my snack prep each week.

How to do easy snack prep for busy people

Granola bars are the greatest invention of the 21st century!  I go through boxes of them each week because they are convenient, nutritious and oh so very delicious!

I have discovered that I don’t gorge on junk food when I have granola bars within reach.  Like clockwork, my snack pangs are usually at 3pm each afternoon.  Last week, I almost went for a bag of chips from the vending machine.  Luckily an image of Annie’s bunny logo popped in my head and saved me in the nick of time.  That flash reminded me of the peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar tucked away in my desk drawer and which I proceeded to devour.

That snack saving incident got the wheels in my head turning.  I couldn’t be the only working professional who struggles to resist temptation and snack right!  I have a feeling that all of you might be struggling with the same problems.  How many times have you thought of going for a bag of cookies because the vending machine is right outside your office door?  Or grab that cupcake which was left over from an office birthday party?

What if you could have a granola bars sitting at your desk, along with other better-for-you snacks?  All you have to do is spend 10 minutes on Sunday night prepping your delicious snacks.

10 minutes that will help you resist temptation! That’s all

Easy Snack Prep Idea For Busy People

You won’t get a better choice of granola bars than Anne’s Line of organic chewy granola bars.  My favorite are the peanut butter and chocolate chip granola bars because they remind me of PB&J sandwiches!

These granola bars are USDA certified organic and they have NO artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives!  You won’t find any high-fructose corn syrup in them which is my favorite selling point.

Have you looked at the ingredients of granola bars?  I find myself gravitating towards ingredients I know and can pronounce.  You want to guess how many ingredients I can pronounce in Annie’s granola bars?  I can pronounce and each and everyone of the ingredients in it.  That’s why I now have a stash of them in my pantry, my bags, desk, my night stand, my sofa cushions and my pockets!

Easy Snack Prep Using Anne Granola Bars

Other than granola bars, Annie’s also makes other organic products like yogurt, cereals, mac n cheese, snacks, soups, frozen food and so much more.  You can find them all in Walmart at super affordable rates.  Just mozie over to their snack food aisle and grab a few boxes of their various granola bars

One of my favorite ready made popcorn is Annie’s Homegrown Organic White Cheddar Popcorn.  They are light, fluffy and easily melt in your mouth.  The cheddar cheese is made with dried organic cheddar.  How awesome is that?!

This is our popcorn of choice on movie nights and I have learned to buy 3 bags if I want to avoid tantrums when the popcorn bowl is empty.  It is not salty or dripping with butter and all the ingredients are true organic which really makes me happy.

Easy Snack Prep Annies organic white cheddar popcorn

Mix up your easy snack prep ideas.  Include the popcorn as a reward on Friday for being so good all week.

If you like homemade popcorn, check out my apple caramel popcorn or my crazy nutty popcorn.

What is your favorite Annie’s product?

Easy Snack Prep

Monday – After a weekend of indulgence, I make sure I eat nutritious foods to start the week.  Monday has 1 organic chewy granola bar, broccoli (or even steamed broccoli?) and hummus

Easy Snack Prep For Monday

Tuesday – When 3pm rolls around, I am searching for something to pick me up.  Organic chewy granola bar, carrots and hummus do the trick.

Easy Snack Prep For Tuesday

Wednesday –  Its midweek and I am feeling like I have accomplished something.  I continue the good snacking habit with 1 organic chewy granola bar, celery and hummus

Easy Snack Prep For Wednesday

Thusrday – The weekend is near, I can feel it.  This snack is going to put me in a weekend type of mood.  1 organic chewy granola bar, green apple slices and peanut butter

Easy Snack Prep For Thursday

Friday – Friday is reward day! For being so good all week by eating good-for-me snacks, I reward my self with plantain chips and TWO organic chewy granola bars.  How awesome is it to reward yourself, right?

Easy Snack Prep For Friday

Also check out my super easy overnight oats breakfast prep.  It will make you love mornings.

What is your favorite easy snack prep idea?

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  1. I love these grab and go snack bags. Great way to set yourself up for success for the week, those bars look super yummy! Thanks for the great ideas!!