A collection of the BEST vegan mushroom recipes that are very easy to make. You will love how mushrooms bring out amazing flavors in dinner!

Mushrooms are simply irresistible!

They are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer….

….and even desserts

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These recipes will have you looking at mushrooms in a whole new light.

Tips for working with mushrooms

  • I always wash them in advance. More often than not, I wash them a day before. They way, they are completely dry when I cook them
  • Let the mushrooms cook by themselves before adding any liquids (like water or broth). This will make sure they cook evenly and not be a soggy mess
  • Do not salt the mushrooms until you have cooked them. Salting them will release moisture and make the dish soggy
  • When using portobello mushrooms, be sure to remove the gills. They ruin the taste of any meal you put them in and they prevent the rest of the mushrooms from cooking evenly
  • I try to use the stems in compost or broth recipes because I hate wasting any part of them
  • I put mushrooms in (affiliate link) this mesh bag and place the bag in the bottom vegetable tray
  • Mushrooms don’t go bad easily, if stored properly. For me, they last a good two weeks after purchase
  • Mushrooms will go bad quickly if left out in the open. If you can’t refrigerate it, keep it in a cool dry, place

Easy Mushroom recipes

Mushroom salad

Top and closeup view of the musrhoom salad
I prefer making a warm mushroom salad because I am not a fan of raw mushrooms.

Traditinally, this mushroom salad is served raw. But, most people I know (including myself), don’t like raw mushrooms.

So, I cooked them lightly and then marinated them. They turned out so good!

They are great to eat by themselves. Or, put them in salads, sandwiches or in soups.

Air fryer miso glazed vegetables

Top and angle view of the air fryer miso glazed vegetables
This is one of those recipes that you can eat a whole plate and not feel guilty.

Looking for a way to incorporate more mushrooms into your diet? Fire up your air fryer and then, cook your veggies in it.

The best part of this recipe are the strong flavors from miso and the hot sauce. This recipe is not for those with faint taste buds, lol.

But, you can easily skip the hot sauce. You can also skip the sriracha and add a chili sauce to make this keto/low carb.

Dutch oven butternut squash risotto

Top view of a risotto filled white oval plate over a yellow lace napkin

Risotto doesn’t have to be difficult to make. You don’t need to continue to stir it every few minutes.

Cooking it in the Dutch oven will make it more interesting and less stressful. The vegetables are cooked to perfection, especially the mushrooms.

Instant Pot kale, quinoa and red beans soup

Top and closeup view of the instant pot kale and quinoa soup in a white bowl with a spoon in it.
This soup is like wearing a warm sweater, sitting in front of a fireplace and having a mug of hot chocolate in your hand!

Can you believe how easy it is to make soup in the instant pot? I made it in less than 30 minutes using easy ingredients!

Mushrooms are a must have in this recipe because they add a “meatiness” to the soup. Also, cooking them in the instant pot makes them easy to digest.

This soup is packed with vegan proteins! So, fill up a big bowl of this soup and enjoy it right away!

Vegan barbacoa

Closeup view of vegan barbacoa sauce in a white bowl
This is one of the heartiest vegan recipe ever!

This barbacoa recipe has become a family favorite since I made it a few weeks ago. The meal is so hearty and delicious that its perfect all year round

I made it in the pressure cooker, but, it can also be made in the slow cooker or stove top. Cooking it in the pressure cooker was the fastest option for me, but, I would love to hear your favorite way of making it

The key to the recipe is the barbacoa sauce itself. It takes only 3 ingredients to make it and its uses are endless

I put mushrooms and jackfruit together which is makes it the biggest powerhouse combo of “meaty” vegan recipes. Its why I think it belongs in the #1 spot on this 4 mushrooms recipe lis

Spinach rice

Top view of spinach rice in a brown bowl
Fall in love with rice all over again! This recipe is a hearty, quick dinner

This is brand new recipe which I posted just a couple days ago, but, it belongs on this list for 4 mushroom recipes

This time, I used pure basmati rice in this recipe because there is no better rice, if you ask me!

Together with mushrooms, this meal is one satisfying dish!

Plus, clean up is a breeze with this recipe because I made it in one pan!

Wild rice with mushrooms

Overhead view of a white bowl on a green leaf. Bowl has cooked wild rice.
Wild rice and mushrooms cook really well in the pressure cooker

This wild rice and mushrooms recipe is so perfect for this 4 mushrooms recipes

This was my first use of wild rice on the blog. I made the recipe with a wild rice blend because it adds so many textures to the recipe

I don’t know what it is about the pressure cooker, but, it cooks the mushrooms so perfectly. I find that mushrooms practically melt in my mouth when I cook them in the pressure cooker

This recipe is brought together with a basil pesto recipe which you can make at home.

Vegan mushroom stroganoff

Overhead view of a pan filled with Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff with Pumpkin with farfalle pasta and elbow pasta

Pasta and mushrooms! That always sounds delicious to me, so, I had to make a recipe using them.

I have used mushrooms in quite a few recipes. Mushrooms add to the comfort food that is pasta, making it even more appealing.

Do you know that I have mixed mushrooms with penne pasta, with elbow pasta, spaghetti and Trottolle pasta? I think I have put it in ravioli too, but, not posted the recipe

This creamy mushroom stroganoff is my “favorite child” from this 4 mushroom recipes! Publicly, I say that I don’t have a favorite pasta recipes on my blog and that all my recipes are my favorite.

But, secretly, this stroganoff is my favorite recipe because its just beyond delicious. Check it for yourself and let me know!

If you like this mushroom recipe, check out my penne pasta recipe or my peas and mushroom recipe

Types of mushrooms

Are mushrooms vegan?

Yes, mushrooms are very much vegan. They are part of the fungi family which is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Mushrooms “not” being vegan is an urban myth that has been taken as the truth by so many people. Yet, It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Bottom line is that all mushrooms are part of the plant kingdom and not the animal kingdom. So, feel free to eat all the mushrooms you can!

Consult my handy “what vegans don’t eat guide” for a list of all the vegan and non-vegan edibles. There is one item on that list that just might surprise the heck out of you.

What’s your all time favorite mushroom recipe?

Video for 4 mushroom recipes

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