While the sun is beating down this summer, don’t let the heat get the best of you! Here are some of my best summer drinks that cool me down and nourish me too!

Best Summer Drinks Recipes

The Florida heat can be brutal in July

But, I have an ARMY of drinks that help me fight the same old boring summer drinks!

Which one is your favorite?

Front view of a green and white ridged glass filled with water and ice cubes - Best summer drinks

Tips for staying cool in the summer

This is my 7th summer here in Florida. Being a life-long northerner, summer has been the hardest part of Florida. I feel like I have become good at surviving the summers here

If you are planning on visiting Florida, here is a good guide by TripSavvy on all the different summers in this State.

Here are some of my favorite tips for staying cool in the summer. If you want to skip to the best summer drinks section, click here

1. Always have ice cube trays filled.

Even with refrigerators that have built in ice-makers, I always make sure that there are at least 3 trays of ice cubes filled with ice.


Because the heat inevitably is followed by nasty thunderstorms. This means that the electricity can go out anytime. In my area, this happens often.

The electricity doesn’t stay off for long, but, you never know how long it will be out.

Front view of a green and white ridged glass filled with water and ice cubes - Best summer drinks

2. Stay away from sports drinks

This can be controversial point, but, I find that the sugars from the sports drinks can make me crave more sugary drinks.

I try to concentrate on all natural types of drinks. I also like get more electrolytes in my drinks. Try some electrolyte powders or infused water.

3. Keep bottled water

From the gallons to the smaller water bottles, I keep as many of them on hand as possible. Flavored drinks are great, but, nothing works as well as plain old water

Tap water is not my idea of a refreshing drink. Plus, if the electricity is out and their are huge rainfalls, their is always a boil water advisory. So, I stay away from tap water for drinking

Front view of a green and white ridged glass filled with water and ice cubes - Best summer drinks

4. Keep small fans at your desk

If there is no one at home, I try not run the AC all day. As you can imagine, the electricity bill amounts can go up into the triple digit

Instead, if I am sitting at my desk or I am working around the house, I will keep a small fan on hand. They can walk with me around the house and work on keeping me cool

I tried this Artic fan and it wasn’t bad at all. It uses a power outlet, but, you can also find USB connecters. Get it here from (Amazon Affiliate link) Amazon

5. Keep Ice Packs on Hand

After a hot day in the sun, coming home is good, but, it takes the body a while to get rid of the outside heat. I have always found that it takes me a good half hour to cool down completely

I keep ice packs in the fridge and even have an ice pillow for when its too hot. They are so handy when you cool down faster

Those are my top tips for staying cool in the summer. What are some of your tips?

Video of 4 of my favorite drinks

List of best summer drinks

Beet lemonade

Front view of two small glasses filled with beet lemonade. Ice cubes inside, red, green paper straw to the side and a slice of beet lemonade for garnish

I know you are not supposed to pick favorites, but, I can’t help it. This beet lemonade happens to be my favorite on this list.

This beet lemonade is not like your regular lemonade. The beets add a nice color and nutrition to the lemonade

I used fresh beets and there are NO ARTIFICIAL SUGARS in it. I think its my favorite drink on this best summer drinks list.

Watermelon lassi

Front view of 3 small glasses filled with watermelon lassi and a yogurt layer at the bottom

Watermelon is found in abundance here in Florida in the summer. They are on sale more often than not, so, using it in drinks is awesome.

Watermelon is so cooling to the body that I just had to make a drink out of it. This lassi drink is a new family favorite and we can drink it all day long

Is this your favorite drink on this best summer drinks list?

Frozen hot chocolate

Front View of Frozen Chocolate Drink in a tall glass bottle with mint on the side

As a hot chocolate aficionado, I can’t bring myself to not drink it for months. Why wait for the weather to be right for hot chocolate, when its just as easy to drink it in the summer, right?

Best summer drinks list not complete without some kind of a chocolate drink! This is mint hot chocolate poured over a cup full of shaved ice!

Is there anything better than that??

Kiwi orange spritzer

Front view of a glass filled with orange spritzer an topped with muddled kiwi

This is a very old recipe that I refreshed with new pics. The recipe remains the same because it was perfect summer drink

The spritzer takes very little effort to make. Its a simple matter of muddling kiwi, adding orange juice and flavoring it.

In under 5 min, you will have one of the best summer drinks on hand

Mandarin orange smoothie

Front view of a glass milk bottle filled with the green smoothie and has 2 plastic straws. Garnished with mandarin oranges and chia seeds. A glass flower vase in the background

I made this mandarin orange smoothie last year right when summer began. It was my way of ushering in the summer season

Today, I just had a mug full of this recipe because I got my hands on some fresh mandarin from the grocery store. Its also a great breakfast recipe

Frozen caramel macchiato

Fight the heat with frozen caramel macchiato

Frozen coffee drink topped with caramel! Sounds so good to me, especially when the temps are in the triple digits

This is a recipe inspired by coffee shops that I used to frequent when the heat got to me. They were so comforting and delicious

Fruit infused drinks

Easy to make summer cleansing drinks

Plain old water can get boring. I know it happens to me so often. I reach a point where I just can’t bring myself to drink any more water

So, I add fruits and citruses to the water to keep from getting bored. Trust me, these infused drinks works wonders

This is one of my oldest recipes and I can’t see my best summer drinks list complete without it.

Peach lemonade

Roasted peach lemonade is very easy. Roast peaches with sage and then puree them. Sieve and add Simply lemonade original flavor. Best summer lemonade recipe

I bought regular store bought lemonade and infused it with peach and sage. Sounds so good right?

Regular store-bought lemonade is good, but, its nice to change it up once in a while

Tropical fruit smoothies

Front View of a Glass on the Left with a Layer of Yellow Smoothie Filled 3/4 of the Way. The Second Layer is a Purple Colored Smoothie and Topped with a Green and White Stripped Straw. To the Left of the Glass and at the Bottom, a Few Fruits are Partially Visible. Behind the Glass and to the Right, an Opened Torani Raspberry Flavoring Syrup is Visible. In the Distant Background, Another Smoothie Glass With a Green-white Stripped Straw is Partially Visible.

Smoothies with fruits are big in our home. Smoothies are great for summer heat and its also a great way for me to get my fruits

This smoothie recipe uses 2 different shades of fruit groups and then layered for the perfect summer drink

I used Torani to flavor it, but, you can use simple syrups too.

Melon slushies

Overhead View of 2 Glasses Filled With Slusshies. One is Filled with Watermelon Slushie and the Other is filled with Honeydew Slushie

I used to go to my neighborhood convenient store just to get their slushies. They made delicious slushies and in different flavores

But, it does get expensive, so, I started making my own. I made them using fruit and a blender. Its very easy to make anytime

Matcha sparkling water

Front View of a Glass Filled with Matcha Water. Background has a Small Ceramic Mug, Lime Rounds and a Small White Ramekin

Sparkling water is plain and boring. Add a little matcha flavor to it and you will love the taste

Its definitely the most unique item on this best summer drinks list and the one you should really try

Pineapple smoothies

Angle view of 2 small glasses filled with pineapple smoothie and garnished with banana, mint and pomegranate. They are placed on a stainless steel plate with ice cubes, pomegranate seeds, banana rounds and mint leaves

This is no ordinary pineapple smoothie. Do you know why?

Its because I added jalapeno to it. This may not be for everyone, I understand that. But, I love that little kick that comes from the jalapeno

You can absolutely make it without the jalapeno, but, its not going to be the same

Salted lassi

75° view of a stainless steel Mint Julep Cup Filled with White Liquid Filled to the Brim and Garnished with Chopped Cilantro. To the Left Background, There is a Similar Stainless Steel Cup Filled with to the Brim with the Same White Liquid and Garnished with Chopped Cilantro. To the Right Background, there is an Circular Indian Stainless Steel Container that is Partially Visible. It is filled with Small Cyndrical Containers Arranged in a Circular Pattern. Each Container Contains Different Indian Spices. There is Chopped Cilantro Strewn All Over the Brown Tile on which All the Items are Placed

A second lassi recipe on this best summer drinks recipe might seem odd. But, its actually a very easy recipe.

If you don’t have watermelon on hand, just blend yogurt, salt and cumin powder together

I love this salted lassi recipe

Ultimate antioxidant smoothie

Packed with mighty ingredients, this ultimate antioxidant blast is a powerful way to start your day. Needs only 7 ingredients and takes only 15 minutes to make

This is a smoothie filled with greens that are rich in antioxidants. Not only is it cool and refreshing, but, it also helps fight against some of the sun damage

This recipe is perfect as part of a light lunch or a quick afternoon snack

Summer lemonade

Summer Lemonade is made from fresh fruits. I used fresh limes and fresh lemons. This lime lemonade is very quick recipe to beat the summer heat

There is nothing special about this summer lemonade recipe. Its the very traditional summer lemonade recipe that is super easy to make.

The main difference is that I used fruit ice cubes in it which really brings out its flavors. Do you like seeing fruit ice cubes as much as I do?

Pumpkin smoothie

Front View of a Glass Bottle Filled with Pumpkin Smoothie. Its surrounded by Blueberries, Green Stripped Straws, Mint Leaves and a Brown Ramekin with Blueberry Syrup

Last on this Best Summer Drinks recipe is actually a fall inspired smoothie. This is a smoothie recipe that is going to be more fun closer to the later months of summer.

Its perfect for late August or early September. The smoothie has blueberry in it, along with coconut milk

So, which one of these best summer recipes are you going to make the most?

Don’t be shy, chime in below in the comments. Let me hear your opinion on this recipe. If you enjoyed this, please give it 5 stars and share it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube

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