A collection of the best vegan desserts that are super easy to make! Can be baked in your oven or air fryer. This list includes cookies, pies, galettes, and cupcakes.

Vegan desserts have come a long way since the days of rock hard cakes and cupcakes. Unhealthy shortenings were our only friend!

(or enemy?)

Vegan and plant-based butters have made it possible to have the most delicious desserts.

These desserts can be lined up with their dairy counterparts and no one would be able to tell the difference!

A collage of 4 vegan dessert recipe images with the words "The Best Vegan Desserts" written on it
Baking vegan desserts is so much fun and happens to be very easy.

Vegan cookie recipes

You know you love a good cookie when you take just one bite! These vegan cookies are easy to bake and they don’t take hours.

Bake a baker’s dozen of these cookies and send them to me!

Air fryer snowball cookie

Closeup view of the snowball pyramid
These cookies can be frozen and enjoyed all year round

Everyone loves snowball cookies, right? I am one of them, but, I never used to like baking them.

So, I decided to bake them using just 5 ingredients and bake them in the Air Fryer!

You won’t believe how easy it is to bake them in the air fryer!

Giant cookie

Top view of a giant chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven and on a black cooling rack.
This giant cookie made with vegan friendly ingredients is our favorite Christmas cookie

Why bake a small cookie when you can bake a GIANT one!

Jumbo cookies are all the rage in my home around Christmas time. We bake about 3 of them and top it with our favorites.

These cookies taste great with ice cream, chocolate syrup, nuts and non-dairy whipped cream!

Pumpkin spice cookies

Top and closeup view of a stack of cookies. Other cookies are blurrily visible around the stack
Pumpkin spice cookies made with vegan protein! Not just set to look pretty!

These pumpkin spice cookies are not just empty calories. I baked them with vegan protein.

Pumpkin spice gives them a wonderful aroma and they are can be frozen for months.

Give them as edible gifts or eat them yourself. No one will judge you for liking them.

Vegan shortbread cookies

Top view of Christmas tree shaped cookies with a little bit of chocolate icing
Easy way to make vegan shortbread cookies!

For the longest time, I couldn’t eat shortbread cookies because they weren’t vegan. Now, I get to enjoy them without feeling guilty!

Best part is that these shortbread cookies are so easy to bake! I love how effortless this recipe is to make.

Even those who cannot bake well will appreciate this recipe.

Crinkle cookies with matcha

Vegan Crinkle Cookies in a Festive Can With Lights in the Background
Everyone will love these aromatic matcha and lemon crinkle cookies

We ate vegan crinkle cookies for the first time in 2017 and we have been making them every year since then.

These crinkle cookies are made with lemon and matcha flavors.

I bake this cookies all year round and hand it out as edible gifts. It brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Vegan cake recipes

Baking vegan cake is just as much fun as baking a regular cake. The method is similar and most of the ingredients are the same.

So, baking vegan cakes is not hard at all. I used to be intimidated by it, but now I am very comfortable baking a vegan cake.

Cranberry loaf cake

Front and closeup view of an upright slice of cranberry loaf cake
This vegan cake is sweet with just a little tang. The blood orange icing adds a wonderful flavor to the cake.

Vegan Cranberry cake is a must bake around the holiday season. But, I love to bake the cake all year round.

I buy a big batch of whole cranberries during the season and then freeze them to use all year round.

Only use fresh cranberries in this recipe because they taste so great. For best results, freeze the cranberries overnight.

Olive oil cake

Front view of a crossection of olive oil cake on a brown chopping board with orange slices on the left and a rose on the right
Olive oil is the perfect substitute for eggs when baking vegan cakes

Olive oil is a vegan’s best friend when it comes to baking. It does a good job of taking over the duties performed by eggs!

Use only extra virgin olive oil for baking. It’s the least processed oil which makes it a good baking agent.

I add pumpkin puree and top it with a lemony-rose icing!

Easy mug cake

Front view of a spoon filled with pumpkin and chocolate chip cake on top of the rim of a mug
Everything you love about cake, but, microwaved in a cup.

Here is a great way to enjoy a cake without baking it in the oven. Simply add the ingredients in a cup and microwave!

This cake has pumpkin and chocolate in it! What could be better?

Vegan pies

Pies are as American as you can get! Even pies that are vegan friendly deserve to be part of “as American as apple pie”!

These pies are a little unconventional, but every morsel of these pies are delish! So, get your forks ready to dive into these yummy vegan desserts

Skillet apple pie

cloeseup view of a baked apple pie in a cast iron pan
A rustic apple pie recipe baked in a cast iron pan

Pull out your favorite cast iron skillet because you will be baking the best apple pie recipe!

Apple pie doesn’t always need to be baked in a pie dish. Go the rustic route by baking them in a pan.

You won’t believe how easy it is to bake it. You may never go back to baking vegan apple pie any other way.

Butternut squash pie with miso

overhead view of the butternut squash pie
How to bake a butternut squash pie in the slow cooker

I was surprised to find out that I can bake a pie in the slow cooker! It was a very sweet and delicious surprise, because this pie turned out AMAZING!

Miso is a great ingredient to offset the sweetness and bland flavors of butternut squash. I have always used it in savory recipes like grilling vegetables, but now I use it in desserts too.

Vegan puddings

Making puddings vegan is a creative process that is very rewarding! Rich vegan puddings are distinctive for their flavors and ingredients.

Have you tried a pudding that you wish was vegan? Sound out below in the comments and I will get to work on it.

French toast pudding casserole

Top view of a white casserole dish filled with bread pudding, topped with berries and a simple almond butter syrup
A vegan bread pudding recipe made with French toast flavors

Go beyond a boring bread pudding! Instead, bring the joys of French toast and casserole into your bread pudding!

Best part is that you can make it vegan and not feel guilty!

This pudding works as a dessert or as breakfast!

Brown rice pudding!

Top view and closeup of a silver cup filled with brown rice and garnished with chocolate cubes
Brown rice pudding is a breeze to make in the Instant Pot.

The brown rice is cooked in the instant pot and it turns out so fluffy! Mix it with coconut milk and sugar for a dessert that you can enjoy all year round!

We love eating this vegan rice pudding on New Year’s eve! Everyone gets a bowl of it while sitting around the Christmas tree. Then, we discuss the year and try to guess what’s in all those presents!

Easy vegan desserts

Vegan desserts go beyond cookies, cakes and pies. I found other vegan desserts to make that are beyond delicious.

Get your air fryer out to make one of these desserts. It will change your life for the better! Air fryer makes the best desserts with very little effort.

Blueberry galette

Top view of a blueberry galette with puff pastry crust and a pizza cutter on the side with blueberries.
Baking blueberry galette in the air fryer is so much easier than you think.

Talk about taking shortcuts to bake vegan desserts!

This galette is made in the air fryer, I use puff pastry for the base and I used store-bought blueberry sauce!

When brought together, it becomes the PERFECT holiday dessert. If you are baking challenged like me, than you will love eating it!

Pear tarts

Overhead View of a Baked Pear Tart with Melted Gorgonozla Cheese and Pistachios
Individual sized vegan pear tarts so no need for sharing

This recipe came about because I was tired of people fighting over the last piece of tart!

So, now, I bake pear tarts using individual tart pans that are easy to buy online. Then, I serve them to friends and family who devour it. Now, instead of fighting over the last piece, everyone enjoys the sweet goodness of these tarts.

Strawberry Cupcakes using cake mix

Front View of a Strawberry Cupcake With Frosting and a Sliced Strawberry. In the Background, there is One More Cupcakes
This cupcake is made using cake mix. It makes your life so much easier!

If you have a problem baking cupcakes, like {ahem} me, take a shortcut!

Most cake mixes on the market are vegan friendly. They have all the ingredients pre-mixed in the right proportions.

Mix it up with non-dairy products and bake a big batch of cupcakes with it!

How easy is that!

Vegan toppings, fillings and crusts

These recipe enhance the flavors of any vegan dessert. I love that they can be put into any recipe and turn it into an eye popping dessert!

The cranberry pie filling is my favorite from this list. Which one is your favorite?

Blueberry crumble

Front view of a piece of blueberry crumble pie on a white plate with a spoon on the plate. In the background, the actual pie pan with the remaining pie is visible
Fresh blueberries make this recipe so delicious. Add a dollop of ice cream before serving

You have no idea how much effort, tries and elbow grease it took for me to FINALLY get this dessert!

The crumble is sweet and aromatic!

Top it on pies, cupcakes, muffins and ice cream! The sky is the limit!

Craberry pie filling

top view of vegan cranberry pie filling in a stainless steel pan with a spoon in it.
This is the jack-of-all-trades type of pie filling. Put it in cakes, cupcakes and so much more

Cook whole cranberries in demerara sugar and holiday spices! Then, put this pie filling in, well, pies!

This vegan pie filling can be put into muffins, cakes, cupcakes and tarts. I actually made a brownie where I put this cranberry filling and it was DELICIOUS! Recipe coming soon.

Vegan Pie Crust

Top view of a rolled pie crust with a rolling pin, apples, and pie pan on the side
Vegan pie crust baked from scratch using non-dairy products

What makes a pie crust not vegan? Pie crusts are made with dairy butters and sometimes, they have egg was in them.

So, what’s a vegan to do?

Sure, you can go searching for a vegan pie crust! Or, you can make your own!

It’s very easy, trust me!

Vegan buttercream frosting

Quick vegan buttercream recipe for cupcakes or cakes. This is a fun recipe to make and it takes only a few minutes to make. Vegetarian dessert recipe
Beautiful vegan frosting made with shortening! It’s so easy

What’s a cupcake without frosting? What’s a cake with a thick layer of frosting?

We can bake all the vegan cakes we want to, but, it’s not good enough to eat until there is frosting on it!

So, here is one of my older recipes. I made it using shortening which is fine. But, you can also use vegan butter in it’s place.

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