Best Pasta Recipes

In my pasta eating days, I was a huge fan of eating pastas of every shape.  I made so many easy pasta recipes because I couldn’t wait to start eating it.

So, all the pasta recipes in this category are not only easy, but also very delicious.  From pasta salads to pasta casseroles, there is every type of pasta recipe here.  In other words, there is at least one recipe here for everyone.

Pasta lovers have one thing in common! They love pasta shapes of all kinds.  But, they have one favorite pasta shape.  For me, it was always Bow tie pasta AKA Farfalle pasta.

In the distant second, there is fusili pasta.  I love putting fusili in cold pasta salads because it’s so easy to flavor with oils and vinaigrettes.   They are always in my simple pasta recipes.

Penne pasta, on the other hand, was my least favorite.  I found difficult to work with because it has a thicker density.  This makes it difficult for sauces and flavorings to penetrate.

This days, pasta is a huge no-no for me.  It’s high carb count makes it difficult for me to eat it.  But, that is not to say I haven’t found keto pastas or low-carb pastas to use in recipes.

Check out some of my keto friendly pastas in this category.  They are pastas made using chickpeas which are packed with protein.  I have made vegan keto pasta recipes and even low-carb vegetarian pasta recipes.   They are the sole reason that I don’t miss traditional pastas.

So, tell me about your pasta journey.