Drink Recipes

You will find drink recipes that include lemonade and other refreshing ideas to soothe that dry or thirsty throat. These drink recipes can be made quickly and also presented in a fun way.

The very best and the easiest drink recipes can be found on this list. Whatever your choice of beverage, you have landed on the right category.

Yes, there are non alcoholic, as well as alcoholic drinks in this category.  If you know me, you know that I have a thing for fruity alcoholic drinks.  Have you tried my blackberry martini?

I also made a mocktail recipe that is made with kiwi!  Summer drinks don’t get any better than that!  It’s the perfect cool down recipe on a hot, sweaty day.

If you are looking for hot drinks on a cold night, I have you covered on that too.  How does a minty, dairy free, vegan hot chocolate sound?

There are also healthy drinks like a beet lemonade and a rejuvenating citrus drink. When you are feeling a run-down, these drinks will restore your energy almost immediately.

There are so many healthy smoothies in this category.  Green smoothies, fruit smoothies and protein smoothies are the best good-for-you drinks to consume any time of the day.

I make my green smoothies using fresh veggies like spinach, collard greens and celery .  This smoothies are packed with so many antioxidants that they will make you feel refreshed instantly.  And, yes, they taste delicious too.

All the drink recipes are easy to make using simple pantry ingredients.  So, go to town on these recipes and come back to tell me how they made you feel.