Healthy Vegan Recipes

A collection of healthy vegan recipes, where I take the word “healthy” very seriously.

Did you know that there is such a thing as “Unhealthy” vegan recipes!?

Yes, it’s a thing!

Vegan recipes, at the very heart of it’s concept, means healthy food.  It means using the freshest, natural ingredients and making a delicious meal out of it.

However, over the years, it has become a processed food heaven too.  That includes overly processed foods, many made with soy protein isolates, have become the norm.

Then, there are the fried and deep fried recipes too.  Even though they are classified as vegan because they don’t use any animal products, it’s definitely not healthy.

This category is my attempt to bring back the focus on healthy vegan recipes that use fresh vegetables and fruits.  There are tofu recipes in here, but tofu is part of the healthy club of vegan ingredients.

You would be surprised at how delicious many of these whole foods taste.  It includes Entrees, sides, appetizers and lunch recipes too.  My aim is to have recipes for a whole day!

This way, you can see that it’s possible to eat healthy and meet all your nutrition requirements in a day.  The ingredients contain proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Everything is brought together by the most unique spices like homemade seasoning, spices and fresh herbs.  I even include homemade sauces like Alfredo sauce and pizza sauces.

So, bookmark this category for all current and future recipes.  It will be so much fun to make and eat these recipes.