Italian Recipes

Some of the best Italian recipes happen to be vegan and vegetarian.  The baked zitis, ravioli bakes and eggplant parmesan are all plant-based favorites.

Have a vegetarian Italian recipe for dinner and it will be an ultimate comfort food.  The sauces and cheese mixed together with the veggies and pasta will make you feel satisfied.

My favorite Italian recipe has to be a vegetarian lasagna.  The beauty is in it’s simplicity.  It’s as simple as layering lasagna noodles, veggies and sauce.  No one can resist lasagna in my house.

Once a week, we have a full Italian meal that starts with drinks like Non-alcoholic prosecco and ends with the decadent tiramisu!

There is more to Italian food than pasta, right?  I have loved pizza ever since I was a able to eat solid food, lol!  We make pizza that is not just red pizza sauce.  I have made pesto pizza, Alfredo pizza, basil pizza and no sauce pizza too.

Do you make soups with and without pasta?  I love minestrone and Ribolita soup (AKA bread soup).  Both soups are a frequent guests at my dinner table!

If you like antipasto salads, you can try my bread salad (almost like Panzanella).  It’s a very easy and hearty lunch recipe.

Be sure to let me know when you try them and which one is your favorite.  We make the easiest recipes that everyone can make.

You have to make Italian-style Risotto and make it in your Dutch oven.  It’s a game changer, for sure.  This way, you don’t have to stir it constantly!