Potato Dishes

Easy Potato Dishes

Have you met someone who doesn’t love potatoes?

Neither have I!!!!

Potatoes is one of those unifying vegetables that brings everyone together.  Put a bowl of potato soup in front of someone and watch them devour the whole soup in seconds.

A well roasted potato with extra melted butter, garlic and fresh herbs will chase away any blues you may be feeling.  The potatoes will hit the right spot and put a smile on your face.

All your cares and worries will melt away when you eat a fluffy, baked potato.  Add a cube of butter on top of a piping hot potato and be mesmerized by the way it dances it’s way to a melted perfection!

Vegan potato dishes and vegetarian potato recipes are all in this category.  But, even meat eaters will find each of these potato dishes hard to resist.  That was my aim when I created the potato recipes.  I wanted everyone to enjoy them.

Personally, I prefer getting organic potatoes from the store where I can get them.  I also love getting them from my local farmers.  But, the best way is to be able to grow them myself.  I have discovered that they are so easy to grow.

Also, the color of the potatoes make a difference.  Purple sweet potatoes have a lot of phytonutrients, so, make them a part of your daily diet.

What kind of potato recipes do you enjoy?  Do you prefer them to be smashed, cubed, wedged, cut, whole or mashed?

I love them cubed with butter!