The best list of compound butter recipes to make using herbs, spices, and seasonings. Put them on bread, pasta, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes. These amazing and easy blended butter recipes will give food a whole different level of deliciousness!

Butter is delicious, sure!

But, butter is better when blended with basil!

It’s a tongue-twister of a sentence that makes me drool!

collage of 4 images with the title "Best Compound Butters" written in the middle
Butter doesn’t have to be boring. These recipe will elevate your meals

Tips for making them

  • Where possible, use fresh herbs instead of dried herbs. This will add amazing aromas and flavors to the butter that dried herbs just can’t compete with.
  • Always use grass fed butter because it contains more concentration of nutrients. Additionally, grass-fed butters are made from responsibly sourced bovine milk.
  • Where possible, beat or whip up the butter first in your stand-alone mixture. This will aerate the butter and other ingredients will be better blended in.
  • Don’t let the saturated fat in butter deter you from using butters. Refer to my complete guide to butters.
  • Once you have made the compound butters, mold it into a log shape. Roll it in a wax paper and twist the ends of the paper and optionally, put it in a Ziploc bag.
  • Compound butters can be frozen or refrigerated. Frozen they can last about a year, depending on the ingredients you put into it.

🌿 Handy Tip: Whereever possible, use fresh herbs. Not only does it add wonderful flavors, it’s also a great way to preserve them.

What is it good for?

🐄 Substitution tip: Always use grass-fed butter because it contains more concentration of nutrients like Vitamin K2 and Vitamin A

List of compound butter recipes

Alright, let’s get to it. My fellow food bloggers happily shared their favorite recipes for mixed butters. They, just like me, have a huge love for aromatic butters.

These compound butters recipes are mind-blowing combination of the best ingredients on the planet. Get ready to reach through the screen and devour these butters!

🧈 Handy Tip: Where possible, beat or whip up the butter first in your stand-alone mixture. This will aerate the butter and other ingredients will be better blended in.

Keto compound butters

Butter is a huge favorite among keto-ers! They love their butters and they are not afraid to use it in and on EVERYTHING!

Well, here are even more reasons for you to love butter!

Scallion butter recipe

Angle view of scallion butter in a white ramekin.
This aromatic butter makes food taste so much better.

I think this butter has to be my favorite on this list of compound butter recipes. It’s so aromatic and flavorful. I cooked my green beans and asparagus in it and they were a huge hit!

Garlic herb grass fed butter

front view of a cylindrical roll of butter with pieces of basil visible.  List of compound butter recipes.
The wonderful aromas of this butter are wafting through your screen right now.

Ever since I made this recipe a few years ago, I haven’t made it any other way.

This butter is so easy to make and can be used in so many, many, many recipes. Basil and garlic is the best keto combination butter.

Lemon balm butter

Top view of a glass bottle filled with melted lemon balm butter and a wooden spoon next to the bottle.  List of compound butter recipes.
This butter can flavor pastas, pizzas and so much more.

Made with home grown lemon balm butter, this aromatic butter has been so delicious in many recipes. I have used it to make garlic bread and even flavored my potato nibbles with it.

Easy Homemade Grass-Fed Butter Using a Mason Jar

front view of a log of butter with mushrooms in it.
I can’t believe she used mushrooms in her butter! 😍

The moment I saw this recipe by Champagne Tastes, I KNEW I had to try it immediately! I wasn’t disappointed because it tasted AMAZING!

This butter would taste so good on pastas, trust me. Even a simple pomodoro pasta tastes like heaven! It gets the “Miss Congeniality” award on this list of compound butter recipes.

Easy garlic butter spread

Closeup view of garlic butter spread in a mason jar with a spoon in it.
When you want to compound butter fast using pantry ingredients

When you don’t have too much time or fresh herbs on hand, you can still enjoy a deliciously flavored butter. Cincy Shopper uses dried ingredients (like dried parsely) that we all have in our pantry.

This butter is so flavorful and easy, that I think having it on hand is a good idea.

Compound butter: shallot horseradish chive

A plasctic spatula stirring the chive butter in a white bowl.
Horseradish in a butter recipe is a very clever idea

What A Girl Eats brings us this AROMATIC recipe! She added fresh chives and shallots to it which is just a very clever idea.

I don’t normally use chives of any kind, so, I am glad she is using it in her butter. It’s definitely going to make me use more chives from now.

I think this butter would be awesome on potato nibbles!

Sun Dried Tomato Butter

Top view of logs of sun-dried tomato butter, baguettes and sun-dried tomatoes
No better way to use sun-dried tomatoes! They make butter taste delicious

Oh, I am so impressed that Delicious Table used Sun Dried Tomatoes in her compound butter. I have been screaming from roof tops that we should all be using it more in our recipes!

Look how delicious her butter looks!!! I think I am in love! I imagine this butter as having a very piquant and sweet taste. It will be so perfect on baguettes and sandwiches.

Check out my ode to sun-dried tomatoes here!

Lemon garlic butter sauce

Top and closeup view of a spoon with garlic butter over a mason jar containing melted butter
So many wonderful uses for this melted garlic butter

I can never resist anything that has butter in it. I think “Know Your Produce” knows about this weakness of mine and deliberately made it for me!

Well, I am glad she knows my weakness because this butter is now permanently bookmarked.

My lemon orzo pasta is going to LOVE this butter.

Homemade sugar free pumpkin butter

Front view of compound butter made with pumpkin spice that was piped into a mason jar
Sugar free and pumpkin spice are perfect for holiday baking

The Foodie Affair uses Swerve as a sugar alternative and that is the best news! For all of us who are trying to avoid bleached and white sugars, this recipe is a God-send.

Pumpkin puree is low carb favorite, especially around the holiday season. She even has a recipe where you can make your own pumpkin puree. So, bookmark this butter recipe and use it in banana breads or pumpkin cookies.

Cilantro, shallot, lime butter

Top view of a circular piece of cilantro lime compound butter
You can’t hate cilantro after eating this butter

Cilantro and I are the best of friends! We have known each other since I was a little kid!

All joking aside, I use a whole lot of cilantro in my life. I grew it this fall and it was so awesome to just go into my garden and get cilantro.

So, when I saw this cilantro butter recipe by Beyond The Chicken coop, I instantly saved it. Even the shallots are the perfect compliment to cilantro. Make a big batch of this butter for use in recipes like cauliflower rice and corn on the cob.

Wild garlic butter

top and closeup view of a green colored butter in a mason jar
Using wild garlic in a butter recipe is a must!

Ok, I am going to admit that I have NEVER used wild garlic in any of my cooking! Where have I been all this time!!!!

Where Is My Spoon is an avid user of wild garlic and so, it’s natural for her to add it to compound butter! I am truly impressed by her style and creativity.

I can’t wait to use this butter to flavor my beet chips! How are you going to use it?

Miso butter

Top and closeup view of brown miso butter in a brown bowl with a slender spoon in it.
Miso butter that packs quite a delicious punch!

I can add miso to butter? How did I not experiment with that before? I have used miso to flavor my veggies, so it’s just going to be fun to make butter with it.

Couple Eats Food also uses gochujang with it, making this the BEST Asian butter recipe ever made. It packs quite a punch and my taste buds thanked me for it! My air fryer roasted vegetables are going to taste that much better because of this butter.

Cafe de Paris butter

Top view of round pieces of Cafe De Paris Compound butter with the log next to it.
A Cafe De Paris butter that you can’t resist!

Chef Not Required calls this creation of hers,”King of Compound Butter” and I can’t say I disagree with that statement!

She use dijon and other ingredients in this recipe that make it a mighty butter for sure. This butter would be great to put into risottos, don’t you agree?

Sweet butters

Compound butters don’t have to be savory all the time, right? I love a compound sweet butter recipe that can be used on rolls or muffins.

These sweet recipes are longing to find that perfect muffin or to put on a huge stack of pancakes!

What’s your favorite dish to put the sweet butters on?

Texas Roadhouse Butter Recipe

Top viewof a brown butter in a mason jar with a butter knife on it.
A butter recipe that is as big in flavors as the taste of butter

Bowl Me Over made a flavored butter that is as huge in taste as the size of Texas!!

Honey and cinnamon are whipped into unsalted butter! Need I say more? She makes a big batch of it which I wouldn’t mind eating in one sitting!

I am going to put this in my French toast pudding recipe. How do you plan to use this butter?

Gingerbread butter

Top view of a brown butter in a white bowl with a butter knife on it.
Gingerbread flavors are not just for cookies anymore.

GIngerbread butter is a very easy recipe that comes from the very talented lady at Life Currents. She brings the holiday classic to butter and you will never be the same again!

This butter is also very quick to make using molasses and other sweet ingredients. I can’t wait to try it in my shortbread cookies

Mascarpone honey butter

Top view of 3 square bowls filled with different butters
You must add mascarpone to your butters

How often do I use macarpone in any recipe? My blog has no recipes using this magnificent cheese and that bums me out!

So, I am happy to see this recipe by Worldly Treat. It has me craving and drooling over using mascarpone. It’s a very unique compound butter recipe that uses amazing ingredients.

Maple cinnamon butter

Top view of a butter knife with a little scoop of maple cinnamon butter hovering over a white bowl filled with the samebutter
A silky smooth butter that is easy to spread on toast

Have you baked cookies with a sweetened butter? Neither have I.

Luckily, Life’s Little Sweets has a wonderful maple cinnamon butter that is so easy and delicious. I plan to bake a GIANT cookie using this amazing butter.

Best part is that the butter takes just 4 minutes to make. Doesn’t get any easier than that!

Cinnamon butter with honey and vanilla

Front view of a silky brown butter in a mason jar with 2 cinnamon sticks on the side
The best butter recipe for fall!

Adding a dash of vanilla to sweet butter is a delightful idea drummed up by Courtney’s Sweets. She puts it on a toasted bagel which I have never tried before.

I have put hazelnut butter on my bagel but never a vanilla cinnamon butter. This butter sounds like a game changer to me and it’s perfect for a crispy fall morning.

Fruity compound butters

Fruits enhance the flavors of butters, but I had no idea! Until I saw these compound recipes that use fresh fruits, I had no clue that they can be blended with fruits!!!

Now, I am making each and everyone of these recipes all summer long. I can only imagine the recipes that will come out of my kitchen!

Cranberry orange butter

Top view of a colorful orange and cranberry butter in a white bowl with a knife scooping out some of it.
A very festive compound butter recipe

Cupcakes And Kale Chips brings use this colorful and festive butter recipe! Seriously, I am mesmerized just looking at the colors in it.

It would be the most beautiful sight to see a huge dab of this butter melting over a stack of Waffles! The dried cranberries add the beautiful Christmas red to this butter, so, I would love to serve it on Christmas morning.

Cajun honey butter

Front view of a brown color butter in a square bowl.   List of compound butter recipes.
We all need this butter in our lives

The Nessy Kitchen says that Cajun honey butter is “something you never knew you needed!!”. She couldn’t be more right!

I can see so many uses for it that go beyond corn on the cob. How about using it to make a grilled cheese sandwich!!! How awesome would it taste, right?

Tell me how you would use this unique butter recipe!

Orange honey butter

Top, angle view of a mason jar with a bright yellow butter in it.  List of compound butter recipes.
A very easy orange butter recipe that also smells heavenly

A bright orange colored butter is an attention getter, for sure! I have my zester in hand as I write this because I can’t wait to try the recipe.

Know Your Produce uses this recipe to bake some of her Easter desserts. The pastel color of this orange butter sure do fit the season.

Best part is that she uses grass fed butter all the time! It’s the best butter on the planet.

Blackberry honey butter

Top view of a log of blackberry honey butter with two rounds cut off.  List of compound butter recipes.
Such a simple fruity butter recipe that is perfect for bagels

Before I saw Our Family Of Seven‘s post for this butter, my favorite recipe was summer fruit salad. Now, that recipe has been bumped for this blackberry honey butter recipe!

She only uses 3 simple ingredients to make this silky smooth butter and you only need a few seconds to make it. There are all pros in making this recipe.

This blackberry butter would be perfect to put on a homemade English muffin. How would you use it?

Strawberry butter

Top view of strawberry butter on wheat bread
You will never see strawberries in the same way again

Florida strawberries are LEGENDARY! We grow our own strawberries in Plant City and they grown using the best that science has to offer.

Confessions Of An Overworked Mom blended strawberry and sweets into her butter. Good thing this butter has a long shelf life because I can enjoy it all year round.

It’s perfect for my berry toast. When I have more strawberries left over, I make a simple vinaigrette with it. This recipe get the “The Fruitiest Recipe” on this list of compound butter recipes.

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collage of 4 images with the title "Best Compound Butters" written in the middle
So many ways to enjoy butter

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