Looking for easy sweet potato recipes for Thanksgiving and all year round? Here is a collection of the best sweet potato recipes that work as side dishes or main course meals.

Mashed, chopped, skinned, stuffed, sliced, candied!

Any which way you make them, sweet potatoes are so delicious!

I like mine loaded! How do you like your sweet potatoes?

Here are some of my very easy sweet potato recipes

Top view of 3 brown sweet potatoes on a chopping board. On the side, there are sliced sweet potatoes, peeling knife and chopping knife
Sweet potatoes are easy to cook and are a powerhouse of nutrition

5 Tips for baking the perfect sweet potato

Two long sweet potatoes with a white dotted line - 5 Tips on Baking The Perfect Sweet Potato
Do you know what to look for when buying sweet potatoes?

If your recipe calls for baking a sweet potato, it would help if you knew how to bake it perfectly, right? I found the best tips and tricks for baking it just right.

These baked sweet potatoes can be turned into mashed potatoes or put into a casserole.

Air Fryer hasselbacks

Top and closeup view of one hasselback sweet potato on a white plate. It has a scallion pesto topping
Baby sweet potatoes are the BEST potatoes for hasselback recipes. This photo is proof of that!!

These accordion style sweet potatoes are simply irresistible. Paired with scallion pesto, they have a nice bite to them.

The combination of sweet and spice makes these hasselbacks a unique side dish. I like to eat them by itself, but they make a great side dish to any meal.

Sweet potato wedges

fronth view of sweet potato wedges in a cone shaped paper - vegan thanksgiving menu
Crispy, fluffy sweet potato wedges are always a huge hit at any table.

These crispy, fluffy sweet potato wedges have been a huge hit at my Thanksgiving table every year. Their dense texture makes them the perfect side dish to so many recipes.

Every time I make the, I have to make a big batch and think I will have left overs. Sadly, I am wrong each time!

🍅 Handy Tip: Raw sweet potatoes can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. They will retain their flavor and nutrition.

Stuffed sweet potatoes

Front view of loaded sweet potato arranged diagonally
This is hearty meal by itself.

Load sweet potatoes with all your favorites like corn, black beans, spinach, onions and tomatoes. They are a hearty meal by itself.

What do you like to stuff your sweet potatoes with?

Sweet potato soup

easy sweet potato soup
Warm, creamy vegan sweet potato soup is lip-smackingly good.

Sweet potato soup is a perennial favorite. I eat it even when the weather is hot outside. This soup is nourishing because it has all wholesome ingredients in it.

This creamy vegan soup takes very little effort and time to make.

Skillet sweet potato hash

Cheesy Hash Browns
Cheesy hash recipe made in one skillet with veggies and extra cheese

This cheesy hash recipe made in a (affiliate link) strong cast iron skillet which makes clean up a breeze. I also mixed in veggies like mushrooms and bell peppers. Finally, I topped it with a sinful amount of extra cheese.

This can be a reverse dinner recipe, just as easily as a breakfast/brunch recipe.

🍅 Handy Tip: Always, always wash sweet potatoes even if they say pre-washed. Little dirt gets stuck on the skin and can ruin the taste. Use a veggie brush.

Drop biscuits

Top view of the a few biscuits on a wire rack
These biscuits are a must have for your Thanksgiving dinner table.

There is a slight sweetness to these drop biscuits and that’s from the sweet potatoes! I love serving these drop biscuits with any creamy, cheesy meal. They go great with my butternut squash soup.

Do you use sweet potato in your baking?

Mini tartlets

Top and closeup view of the tartlet with a spoon in it showing the insides
Grab that spoon and dig in!

You love sweet potato casserole, but you hate sharing it? These tartlets will solve that problem for you.

I made individual sized casserole tartlets that are delicious. Best part is that they are vegan because I used vegan marshmallows.


top view of the sweet potatoes with a serving spoon
These candied sweet potatoes will practically melt in your mouth.

Everything Thanksgiving table I have been present at always had a side of candied sweet potatoes! It’s been a staple every since I can remember.

What’s different about this recipe is that 1) it’s vegan and 2) it’s made in the air fryer.

Confused about vegan and vegetarian ingredients? I have a handy guide that will eliminate all the confusion.

So easy and so delicious!

🍅 Handy Tip: Whenever possible, always go for organic sweet potatoes. The pesticides in non-organic ones are very destructive for the organs.


Front view of a black salsa bowl brimming with sweet potato salsa
The best dip for your corn tortilla chips

Have you had sweet potato salsa before?

I love dipping corn chips in it. They taste so good and they are easy to make.

It’s an easy appetizer to make for your football fans or as an appetizer at your Thanksgiving table.

Sticky sweet potato fries

Closeup of sticky sweet potato fries in a wok
Sweet and sour sweet potato fries are so delicious

Sweet potato fries are boring!

Sticky sweet potato fries are DELICIOUS!

These sweet and tangy fries are so easy to make and so delicious.


Overrhead view of a steel bowl with vegan mashed sweet potato with pomegranate in the middle
Silky smooth mashed sweet potatoes are easy to make in the pressure cooker.

Mashed sweet potatoes are always what I go for when I see them. I prefer them over regular mashed potatoes because they taste so much better.

Also, they are more nutritious than regular mashed potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are a powerhouse of nutrition.

Purple sweet potatoes

top view of a baked purple sweet potato on a white place with a spoon on the side and a fork on the left. Lemon pieces on the plate too.
Not just here for their looks. These purple sweet potatoes are packed with so much nutrition.

You always eat the orange version, but how about trying the purple ones?

I love Purple sweet potatoes because they have so much nutrition and they taste so delicious.

First, I bake them in the Instant Pot and then, mash them. Finish with a little butter, salt and pepper. They are just so tasty.

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  1. I came here for the sweet potato soup and then found more recipes that I have to try. We love sweet potatoes and I always am on the lookout for something new to make with them.

  2. I love sweet potatoes and needed a few more recipes for them. Tried the wedges and they came out so flavorful and crispy. Thanks for the tip too!