Thanksgiving dinner is not the same without some incredible potato recipes. These Thanksgiving potato dishes are a must have for your family

Ever been to a Thanksgiving dinner where there are NO POTATOES?

Me either!

Potatoes dishes are only second to the Thanksgiving turkey itself. There must be at least 5 different potato recipes on your dinner table.

Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving potato recipes that you will be proud to serve your thanksgiving guests

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Tips for working with potatoes

  • Always wash the potatoes before cooking or peeling them.
  • If you can keep the skin on the potato, do so. The skin has fiber in it that is very useful.
  • Pick the right potato for your recipe. If the potato calls for fingerling potatoes, don’t use russet potatoes that you chop in the shape of fingerling. The cook times for fingerling are different from the russet’s time.
  • Frozen potatoes are great for soups and mashed potatoes, but, they don’t make a good side dish. Use fresh potatoes for each recipe.

Best Thanksgiving potato recipes

French potato salad

Front and slight closeup view of French potato salad in a white bowl.
French potato salad made with Herbes de Provence and extra lavender.

The flavors of the rolling lavender hills of Provence, France are put into this recipe. I used Herbes de Provence in this recipe that also includes extra lavender.

Best part is that it takes just 15 minutes to make them in the Instant Pot. Easy, Peasy!

Air fryer potato nibbles

Closeup view of tiny potatoes in a garlic butter sauce put on a wax paper
The tiny potatoes are bathed in a garlic and herby butter.

These tiny potatoes are incredibly delicious. They are so tiny and they cook perfectly in the air fryer.

They are cooked with a simple lemon balm butter recipe that is so easy to make.

It would be a crime to not serve these potatoes at your next thanksgiving dinner table.

Lebanese Potatoes

Closeup view of potato cubes with tahini, cilantro and red pepper flake garnishes.
These Middle Eastern spicy Lebanese potatoes are a different kind of Thanksgiving side dish

Spicy Lebanese potatoes are not the traditional potato recipe you see at Thanksgiving. But, it’s time to change that with this recipe.

The ingredients are very simple and they are so easy to make in the air fryer. You will have a big plate of these potatoes in just 20 minutes.

So, change up your traditional Thanksgiving side dish by making these Lebanese styled potatoes.

Roasted fingerling potatoes

Overhead view of roasted fingerling potatoes in a stainless steel pan mixed with a rich vegan butter sauce. Red onion strips, fresh oregano and garlic cloves strewn outside of the pan

Do you know the taste delight your taste buds will experience when they eat these potatoes?

Fluffy potatoes in a buttery sauce with sun-dried tomatoes! You will definitely be in a taste heaven.

Fresh herbs and fresh garlic make all the difference in this potatoes.

Vegan smashed potatoes

Closeup view of a single smashed baby potato garnished with rosemary sprigs, ground pepper and melted butter

Smashed potatoes like you have never tasted!

These potatoes are TWICE baked to get that perfect crispy outside and a fluffy, moist inside.

Top it with vegan sour cream because it tastes so good on these potatoes.

Creole potatoes

Angle and closeup view of potatoes and peas on a white plate

Pull out your dutch oven because these creole potatoes deserve the star treatment.

I put creole potatoes with peas brought together by a homemade creole seasoning.

The potatoes and peas will practically melt in your mouth.

Smothered potato rounds

Potato rounds loaded with Avocado, Broccoli, corn, red onions, red pepper, eggplant and Cheese. Perfect vegetarian food for Memorial Day and July 4th BBQ

Bake baby potato halves and then top it with veggies and cheese! How delicious does that sound, right?

I find that even kids will eat these potatoes despite the broccoli on the potatoes.

You won’t be able to eat just one of these potato rounds

Potato souffle

Top view of a white baking dish filled with mashed potato and vegetables souffle and a section cut out

Ok, technically, these are mashed potatoes. But, they are so much more than that.

I added veggies to it and then oven baked it in a casserole dish.

The result is that I got a very crispy, buttery top while the inside was light and fluffy.

I prefer these potato souffle over mashed potatoes because of that crispy top.

Roasted broccoli and potatoes

Bringing potatoes and broccoli together is an ingenious idea because it gets everyone to eat their broccoli.

Best part is that you can make them in a sheet pan. This way you can make a big batch at once.

The good thing about this recipe is that you can serve it all year round, not just for Thanksgiving.

Garlic butter potatoes

No one likes to share their potatoes, even at Thanksgiving. That’s why I made these individual sized potatoes!

Everyone gets their own pan filled with potatoes cooked in a garlic + sage butter sauce. Use baby potatoes or even potato nibbles to cook them this way.

Best Thanksgiving sweet potato recipes

5 tips for baking the perfect sweet potatoes

In the foreground, a fork with part of the pulp of the baked sweet potato. In the background, a baked sweet potato slit longitudinally and some of the skin peeled away to reveal the baked pulp

These sweet potato tips are priceless! From choosing the RIGHT sweet potato to getting it ready for baking and finally, baking it the right way, this post will ensure that you have the best baked sweet potato.

Use these baked sweet potatoes to make a potato casserole or even a vegan mashed sweet potato.

Vegan hasselback sweet potatoes

Top and closeup view of one hasselback sweet potato on a white plate. It has a scallion pesto topping
Baby sweet potatoes are the BEST potatoes for hasselback recipes. This photo is proof of that!!

I am a huge fan of hasselback potatoes, but, this is the first time I made them in the air fryer. It cannot be easier and the end result is a very unique recipe!

The topping happens to be my vegan scallion pesto! I dare you to not eat all of them at once!

Air fryer candied sweet potatoes

top view of the sweet potatoes with a serving spoon
These candied sweet potatoes will practically melt in your mouth.

Candied sweet potatoes are always present at any holiday Thanksgiving spread that I have been too. I always wanted a way to make them vegan and also make them very easy to make.

Now, I have the perfect recipe for it posted on my blog. It’s vegan and made in the air fryer.

They are so soft that they will practically melt in your mouth. Even meat eaters won’t be able to tell that they are vegan.

Sweet potato drop biscuits

How to make drop biscuits in the air fryer using sweet potatoes

Drop biscuits are so much fun to make and eat. Adding sweet potatoes and making them in the air fryer will make you fall in love with all over again!

These air fryer biscuits also happen to be vegan, so, eat them for Thanksgiving and anytime of the year.

They are flaky on the inside and crispy on the outside. Can’t ask for a better drop biscuit recipe.

These biscuits are not the only Thanksgiving side dish you can make in your Air Fryer. I made an entire Thanksgiving dinner in it.

Sweet potato tartlets

Top and closeup view of the tartlet with a spoon in it. Tiny flowers on the side
Made with vegan marshmallows!

I can’t count how many times I have had to break up a fight at my thanksgiving table of the last remaining sweet potato casserole. It’s a fight that happens so often and I vowed to do something about it.

This year, I am making them individual sized so NO ONE can fight over them. Everyone will have their own share and they will have to find other things to fight over!

Best part is that they can be made in the air fryer or in a regular oven.

Purple sweet potato

top view of a baked purple sweet potato on a white place with a spoon on the side and a fork on the left.
The most colorful meal you will eat today!

These purple sweet potatoes are actually very specific type of sweet potatoes. They are the famous stokes potatoes and are not always easy to find.

If you do find them in your area, grab as many as you can. They make the perfect side dish for Thanksgiving or any meal.

I am sure you will love how they taste because they have a very unique taste and texture.

Sweet potato wedges

This vegan sweet potato wedge recipe is quick and easy to make. It takes only 5 ingredients and they are perfect thanksgiving side or an afternoon snack.

Big potato wedge will bring joy to everyone who eats it. They are quick to make when baked in the oven.

They are crispy on the outside because of the panko breadcrumbs. I also seasoned them with herbs because it brings out all the best flavors of the potatoes.

You can serve these wedges with burgers too.

Loaded sweet potatoes

vegan loaded baked sweet potato

A plain old sweet potato can be boring, so, why not spruce it up a little.

I added all kinds of goodies on this sweet potato. The ingredients include black beans, corn and even spinach.

This potato is a meal by itself and also makes a good side dish.

Honorable mentions

Potato stack – These potato stacks are easy to make in your muffin pan. They are not vegan. However, they are vegetarian friendly and even meat eaters will love them.

Sweet potato hash – I originally made this recipe for black Friday breakfast. It’s packed with energy and that means you can shopping on a full stomach.

Potato and green beans – A southern classic that can be a good side dish for your Thanksgiving guests.

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