Quick and easy vegan sausage rolls for Easter brunch. Made with Mushrooms & veggies. Put into puff pastry, topped with black sesame seeds + sunflower seeds

If you are looking for vegan brunch food for Easter, these sausage rolls are a must!

No one will miss the meat in it.

Easy Vegan Sausage Rolls for Easter BrunchClick here to go directly to the recipe on SoFabFood’s site

Do you love going on an Easter hunt for eggs? What is the strangest place you have hidden an egg?  I hid an egg in a coiled garden hose.  No one thought of looking in it, so, it wasn’t found.

When it comes to Easter, vegan food is very flexible.  There are so many wonderful recipe adaptations for vegans that you can never get bored of experimenting.  My favorite recipes to convert are the traditional brunch recipes.

So, when I heard that SoFabFood was looking for delicious Easter brunch recipes, I jumped at the chance to make a vegan version of sausage rolls.

I make mine using mushrooms, onions, celery and lentils.  Together, they make for a delicious vegan mushroom pâté.  The lentils add texture and protein to this recipe.

The Pâté works great as a dip too.  Take some chips and dip into it.  Chips will never taste better

Or, use it as a sandwich spread.  The possibilities are endless.

If you like this recipe I made for SoFabFood, you will love this light lunch salad I made for them a few months ago.  It is the perfect light and healthy lunch recipe with chickpeas, farro and baby kale.

The whole recipe for these vegan sausage rolls can be found at SoFabFood’s site.  I included step-by-step instructions and photos to make it easier to make.

Head over there and tell me what you think of this recipe.

Vegan Sausage Rolls

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