Gift Guides

Have someone who is hard to shop for? Or someone who is has everything? These gift guides will help you find that perfect gift for that one person!

If you are like me, you are always looking for that perfect gift to give everyone you know.  You pride yourself in the fact that you can find that perfect gift for anyone by analyzing them.

So, you happen to know a person who is a tomato lover.  What do you get him/her/them?  Well, you are in luck because I have a gift guide just for such a person.  Do you think they will love a tomato onesie?  I know I love my tomato onesi, lol!

Once I started doing meal prep, it completely changed my life!  The biggest change in my life was that I stopped reaching for junk food when I was hungry.  This made me start a gift guide that includes all the essentials to start meal prepping.  Buy these essentials and help them get started on the meal prep journey.  Or, gift it to yourself because you deserve it!

If you were to get a sneak peek in my closet, you would see quite a few tomato themed t-shirts, lol!  Over the years, family members have bought me this t-shirts because I have a love for that delicious fruit!  Even I have gifted myself a t-shirt or two when I see a tomato t-shirt online.

So, for people like me, I created a gift guide that contains some of my favorite tomato t-shirts.  There is a “team tomato” that is my all time favorite!

Shift through these gift guides and let me know your favorites.  If you have an idea for a guide, feel free to contact me.

Some of my favorite products