Instant Pot Recipes

Instant Pot is relatively new in this country.  However, growing up, we used to make most of our meals in it.  We used to call them pressure cookers and they were largely stove-top, although some were plugged int.

So, the Instant Pot “instantly” became my favorite kitchen appliance to use for all my recipes.  To this day, my IP gets used at least once a day during the week and more over the weekend.

Simple tasks like steaming broccoli and veggies to making huge rice recipes, this appliance is capable of making so many delicious dinner recipes.  Not only does it make delicious recipes, the Instant Pot makes very easy recipes.

My favorite thing to make is the Instant Pot Soup.  I have made quinoa soup in it and so far, it’s the best thing made in it.  It’s packed with protein, vitamins and essential minerals.  Cooking in the Instant Pot means the foods retain most of their nutrition quantity.

Curries, rice, casseroles, pastas, appetizers, bread, muffins, cakes and so much more!  The Instant Pot knows how to cook each item precisely.

If your instant pot has been gathering dust, now is the time dust it off!  There has never been a better time to make Instant Pot Recipes.  Meals that used to take hours can now be made in minutes, without compromising on flavor.

This gadget the option to steam veggies which is one of my most used options on it.  I cook frozen peas instant in this device, all my sweet potatoes are cooked in it now and even my asparagus turns out delicate when cooked in it.

So, what is your favorite recipe to cook in it?