10 Stocking Stuffers are so much fun to give and receive. Take it up a notch by giving these tomato gifts to that tomato lover you know. Its exactly what they didn’t know they needed. 

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Stocking stuffers is where the creativity of gift giving happens!

Most of the time, I love looking in my stockings first to see what I got before the actual gift under the tree.

I have gotten unique gifts like tomato watches, tomato shaped candle holders and even a tomato shaped vase.

So, here are some of my favorite tomato stocking stuffers that will impress any tomato lover.

10 Best Stocking Stuffers
Every tomato lover’s dream gifts!

**** All links to Amazon in this post are my affiliate links ****

10 AWESOME Tomato Stocking Stuffers

Tomato Onesie!

What better outfit to sleep in every night?! Sleep in this tomato onesie and you will have beautiful dreams! Sleep like a baby!

It’s a SEXY outfit that you won’t want to take off!

Enesco veggie tales bob tomato plush toy

A polyester plush tomato toy

Ok, you can’t deny that this is the cutest plush toy you have ever seen! Those eyes are just so cute! Its made of polyester fiber which makes it really easy to clean.

Just throw it in the washer with your dark color clothes and dry it on the fluffy cycle.

Fashion earrings acrylic earrings for women

A pair of earrings shaped like tomato slices 10 Tomato Stocking Stuffers

How can you NOT wear these earrings?? They are so cute and they look exactly like a tomato!  Don’t be surprised when people come up to you and try to eat them.  The earrings are really affordable and make for the perfect stocking stuffer.

Brandobay stainless steel tomato slicer knives set

Two knives with the word "Tomato" stenciled in the blade.  10 Tomato Stocking Stuffers

I refuse to cut tomatoes with knives that don’t have “TOMATO” not written on the blade!  Ok, I don’t do that, but, I really should be doing it.  A tomato deserves to be cut by a knife with its name on it.

Do you have a tomato knife? Know someone who would like these knives?

Tomato timer

Front view of a tomato shaped timer

Keep perfect times for your baking and your cooking needs by using this tomato shaped time. You will never go back to that white knobby timer thing!

Gresorth 6pcs Artificial Lifelike Simulation Red Tomato Fake Fruit Home Decoration

6 decorative tomatoes arranged in a circle - 10 Gag Gifts to Give Tomato Lovers

Picture a bowl of real tomatoes that you have sitting on your kitchen counter.  They are all real, except for one! Or two?  The chef in your family goes to take a tomato and slice into it.

Instead of getting delicious slices of tomatoes from slicing into it, the chef sees a whole bunch of cotton stuffing flying out of the “fakemato”!

Makes a good stocking stuffer and even a gag gift!

2.5″ Splat Tomato Ball (Package of 12)

A splat of tomato tomato toys - 10 Gag Gifts to Give Tomato Lovers

Ever throw a tomato at a wall?  What happens?

It stains the wall or the fridge or the clothes of the person you threw it at! Why would you waste a perfectly good tomato!

It’s such a horrible thing to do to a tomato, am I right?

Instead, throw this splat ball! It doesn’t stain, smash or break! In fact, it get its shape back almost immediately!

So, stop wasting a perfectly good real tomato and use this splat tomato ball!

Tomato scented candle

A small candle with the words "apotheke" on it and an image of the box it comes in.

You had to have known that there is a candle that has the aroma of a tomato.  You just never searched for it, right?  Well, I found one and it smells like PURE HEAVEN! This is my kind of candle and it absolutely belongs on in your stocking!

Tomato Silicon Lid

a hand is holding the tomato silicon lid on a salad bowl

How do you get food stay fresh and delicious? Use a tomato shaped silicon lid! This silicon lid is a very unique gift to give anyone who likes to save their food.

Tomato blanket

Top view of a super closeup of a tomato top
This blanket is warm and inviting. Just like a tomato!

Warm yourself with a huge blanket with tomatoes on it. There is nothing warm and fuzzy. This is my favorite blanket ever!

Honorable Mention

Tomato Dishtowel

Tomayto and tomato written on a white dish towel with tomatoes draw on it

Is it To-may-to or is it To-mah-to???? This dishtowel poses a very good question!

Now tell me your favorite from this list of 10 Stocking Stuffers to give tomato lovers?

P/S: I have so many wonderful tomato recipes that you can try.  Everything from breakfast to dessert is on this list.  Tell me your favorite!

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