Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

All my favorite healthy vegetarian recipes that will make you fall in love with food.

On my blog, the main difference between a healthy vegetarian recipes and healthy vegan recipes is dairy!

Vegans don’t eat dairy because it is derived from the animal.  Vegetarians eat dairy because it may come from an animal, but the animal is not being slaughtered to get that ingredient.

So, for example, traditional cheese is made using animal milk.  Cheddar, feta, pepper jack, mozzarella, etc are all animal milk derieved cheeses. Most of it is cow milk.  However, there are sheep and bull derived cheeses.

My blog, I only recommend using organic, grass-fed dairy products. Cows are free to roam the green pastures of land and then, returned to a cruelty-free living area in the evening.  Products are clearly labeled organic and grass-fed.

I know it’s easy to get dairy from dairy farmers who don’t practice such animal care.  Their products are cheaper and very easy to find.  However, if you see the kind of treatment inflicted on cows at these farming locations, it would make you change your mind.

If you can find European organic, grass-fed cheeses, please choose those.  The rules are very strict in Europe as far as treating animals and ingredients being put into their dairy.

These vegetarian recipes are packed with natural ingredients and kept as close to their original state as possible.  Staying away from processed food is going to be easy, once you start cooking all your own recipes.

I am an lacto-vegetarian which means that I eat dairy products, but not eggs.