A foodie geek gift guide like no other! This gift guide includes eye-popping, jaw-dropping unique gifts that a foodie geek will absolutely love!

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Want to get an amazing gift for the food geek in your family?

From unique pizza cutters to , this gift guide has it all.

collage of 9 images on a pink background with the title of Gift Guide for Foodies
These gifts are perfect for even foodies that are hard to shop for.

What is a foodie geek?

A foodie geek is defined as someone who not only loves food, they also have an intricate knowledge of their favorite/least favorite foods.

  • They are a veritable walking encyclopedia of food subjects
  • They always get that food question correct in any trivia game (Whenever there is a “Food & Drink” category, they drop EVERYTHING and come play along!)
  • They work in the food industry because food is their passion. In fact, they don’t even consider it work because food is their passion.
  • They drool at the mere sight of a food gadget
  • They listen to as many food podcasts as they can and always looking for new ones.
  • They can talk to you about any food topic until the cows come home!
  • They have posters of their favorite food instead of pics of rock stars because food excites them more than music.

Know anyone like that? If you don’t, maybe it’s you who is the foodie geek!

Get yourself a present from this guide! Tell me your favorites.

Veggie Cutters

Carrot Sharpeners – Yes, you read that right! This sharpner makes paper thin sliced carrots for your salads.

A carrot being sharpened using a large hand held sharpner

Safe mandoline slicers – Every time I make beet chips, I have some kind of mishap with my mandoline. With this device, I no longer have any problems.

a mandoline slicer with a container that holds the veggies.

The most efficient hand chopper – If you hate chopping veggies, you are not alone. This manual chopper does an amazing job of chopping the veggies.

A collage of 7 images showing how to use manual chopper and the results of using them.

Pizza Cutters

Ergonomic Pizza Cutter – The grip is better and your hands will never slip while cutting pizza.

Front view of a round pizza cutter with a light neon green handle

Motorcycle Pizza Cutter – Pizza shaped like a motorbike is super cute!

front view of a motorscycle shaped pizza cutter where the front wheel is the pizza cutter

Axe shaped pizza cutter – This pizza cutter will make you feel like a lumberjack! Awesome, right?

Top view of an axe shaped pizza cutter with a pizza slicer located at the head of the axe.

Coffee Grinders

S’Mores/Fondue makers

Make your life easier

Detachable Pickle fork – The fork set can be put on any jar and of any size.

green and white detachable pickle fork attached to a pickle jar. - foodie geek gift guide

Refrigerator liners – food tends to spill and rot right on the shelf. Cleanup will be a breeze because of these shelf liners.

front view of shelves in a refrigerator lined with colorful silicon liners. - foodie geek gift guide

Toothpick Dispenser – How often do you search your kitchen drawers looking for toothpicks? Now, you can have this handy countertop version.

Small black and white cube with a tree logo- - foodie geek gift guide

Oil Spray bottle – add your favorite oil like olive oil or avocado oil into this bottle. Use it to spray veggies, and so much more.

Close up of a glass oil spray bottle - Foodie Geek Gift Guide

For those who love to measure

Geek Chef Smart Digital Scale with App – This smart scale will keep a record of all the food you measure. This will make it easier to export to your food diary apps.

A digital scale with a phone on the side. - foodie geek gift guide

Spice Carousel with Auto-measure – Can’t tell the difference between Tbsp and tsp? This spice rack can accurately measure and dispense the right amount you want. Now, you can easily make my Greek seasoning recipe.

A carousel container with various spices in it. - foodie geek gift guide

Measuring Cups and Spoons Set – every size of measuring cup for both dry and liquid ingredients.

a set of various sizes of measuring cups and jars. - foodie geek gift guide

For the Sci-Fi geek

Lightsaber Salt and Pepper Shakers – Aren’t these aren’t the cutest shakers you have ever seen!

Salt and paper shakers shaped like Star Wars' lightsaber - - foodie geek gift guide

Lightsaber Chopsticks – Eating Chinese food has never been so much fun.

Set of two lightsaber shaped chopsticks.  - foodie geek gift guide

Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set – You will love chopping when you are using out-of-these-world knife set. Based on the Cosmos TV show.

6 different knives set with different colors in the the theme of Cosmos tv show - foodie geek gift guide

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