The best za’atar recipes made for lunch, dinner, snacks or salads. These are easy recipes I made using za’atar

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I am obsessed with za’atar.

I don’t mean just obsessed, I mean put-it-into-anything-and-everything kind of OBSESSED with it.

This Middle Eastern spice has won me over with just one taste.

Collage of 4 images with the words "Best Za'atar Recipes" written in the middle
These aromatic spice is going to change your taste buds for the better

Best Za’atar Recipes

Here are some of my favorite za’atar recipes from my blog. From snacks to dressings and so much more, za’atar adds a very unique flavor to any recipe.

Which one is your favorite?

Oven roasted Brussels sprouts

Top and closeup view of roasted Brussels sprouts recipe on a black sheet pan.
I can’t take my eyes off these beautiful Brussels sprouts.

Roasted Brussels sprouts taste so much better because they have a delicious Za’atar flavor!

Za’atar makes them taste so good that even the most sprouting hating person is going to fall in love with this awesome veggie. That’s the power of this awesome Middle Eastern spice.

The best part of this is that it takes just 20 minutes to make. Also, it’s Keto and Vegan.

Tabouli recipe

Overhead view of a brown bowl filled to the top with Amaranth Tabouli
Talk about eating the rainbow! This tabouli has every delicious color!

Tabouli with za’atar is even better than you can imagine. Za’atar seeps into all the ingredients in the tabouli and enhances their flavor

Its the most colorful recipe on this za’atar recipes list and definitely irresistible.

This tabouli can be great by itself, but, I put it into a pita bread and yumza! It was so delicious and perfect for a light, healthy lunch.

You can even adjust this recipe by using the mint vinaigrette for the dressing because it makes the tabouli taste 100x better

Breakfast potatoes and zucchini hash

Top view of breakfast potatoes with zucchini in a stove top grill
These breakfast potatoes will make you want to eat breakfast again.

These potatoes are zucchini have a very unique flavor because of the za’atar. It’s such a fun way to start the day and you will love just how easy they are to make.

Have them ready to eat in just 25 minutes. I used a stove top grill, but you can also use a stainless steel pan.

Mixed nuts

Front view of Mixed Nuts with Za'atar spice in a mason jar. Surrounded by za'atar spice and lemon rounds. Best Za'atar Recipes
Why have boring old nuts when you could za’atar spice them!

This was the maiden voyage for za’atar spice on my blog. It was the first recipe I posted using Za’atar and I never looked back!

You can roast the nuts and add the za’atar + lemon combination. Store it in a glass bottle and enjoy it for days after that.

Energy bites

Overhead view of 7 no bake energy bites on a dark grey plate
Healthy vegan protein never looked so mouth-watering!

I don’t have a favorite za’atar recipe because I love them all in different ways!


These energy bites are #1 on my best za’atar recipes list because I make them almost every week. So, I could say that they are my favorite!

These energy bites are super easy to make. Just add a few ingredients and less than 10 minutes. Coat them with your favorite coating and you have a delicious, healthy snack

Mint vinaigrette dressing

Front view of a small glass cruet filled with mint vinaigrette. Background has mint and blackberry
This is the best dressing you will make!

This is a brand new recipe that I posted yesterday. Its going to be put into a dessert(ish?) recipe coming soon. This vinaigrette is my new favorite homemade salad dressing

Mint and za’atar together are the best aromatic combination, I have discovered. When I open the cruet, a heavenly, exotic, delicious aroma comes out of it. I thinking of making it into a home fragrance recipe too.

This vinaigrette is not made just for salads. You can put it into almost any recipes. From desserts, to pasta, to marinade and so many other recipes. I think the sky is the limit on how you can use this mint vinaigrette.

In what recipe do you plan to use this vinaigrette

Summer fruit salad

Top view of a white bowl with blackberries, peaches, avodado and quino

This summer fruit salad uses my mint za’atar salad dressing which really brings out the flavors of the fruits!

Mint + Za’atar + Quinoa + Fruits = Summer Perfection!

Am I right?

Muhammara recipe

overhead view of muhammara in a bowl with pita chips
A new way to eat roasted red peppers

Last on this best za’atar list is a Turkish staple.

Have you tasted muhammara before? Its one of my favorite Middle Eastern appetizers which I made with pomegranate and za’atar

The recipe has roasted bell pepper, pomegranate, olives and spices in it. Za’atar makes this recipe taste amazing, especially if you let the muhammara sit for about a day.

This muhammara works great as a dip or a spread. I put it into a pita with spinach and ate it as a light lunch recipe.

More za’atar recipes from the web

  • Whip up some feta and add za’atar to it because it will make your dip taste AMAZING!
  • Bring together za’atar veggies to make this amazing veggie-filled salad.
  • Zaatar Manakish or Zaatar Manaqish bread is a popular Lebanese bread that is super easy to make.
  • Orechiette pasta with chickpeas is made better by the addition of this spice.

Ask me questions

What is it?

Za’atar is a Middle Eastern spice blend made using different dried herbs, seasonings and even dried fruit skin.

Every household, ethnic group and region has their own way of making this spice. They also have sumac spice that is the central part of the seasoning.

Where can I buy za’atar?

(Affiliate Link) Amazon – I have always ordered it from Amazon, but, I can also pick it up locally
Walmart – Available in their spice aisle or choose from a variety of brands from their online store. You can even have it delivered to your local walmart and get free shipping.
Target – Not available online, but, I have seen it once in the spice aisle
Publix – online or in your local Publix location (in the spices aisle)
The Spice House Order online and have it delivered to your door.

Can I make my own za’atar?

Yes, Za’atar is very easy to make. It’s as simple as mixing together a few dried spices and storing it.

What is za’atar made of?

– Dried Oregano
– Dried Thyme
– Dried Marjoram
– Sumac
– Sesame seeds
– Cumin seeds

Some za’atar makers will include ingredients like cinnamon and ground mustard seeds.

If you have za’atar ideas you would like to see me make, feel free to chime in below or email me using my contact form

What is your favorite way to use Za’atar?

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  1. Yeeeey! This is a great list of za’atar recipes! I tried some of them and excited to try the others as well! Thanks for sharing Rini! Love it!

  2. The Tabouleh has been on repeat in my kitchen for a few weeks now. Next up – the breakfast potatoes! So many great choices on this list.

  3. I love this recipe! I’ve made it a few times and it’s always a hit with my friends when we’re having a potluck or something. It reminds me of the best hummus I had in Israel, which was so delicious.

  4. I didn’t know that there are so many uses of za’atar, and this post is really helpful. I tried some of the recipes, and they turned out really delicious! I will keep these for future use! Thank you for sharing these recipes! 

  5. Zaatar is one of my favorite spice, I always have it at home and I was pleasantly surprised when using it to make fruit salad. I thought this spice is made for savory dishes.

  6. Thank you Rini for sharing all these delicious recipes. I am recently on an elimination diet, going towards a mostlyVegan/Vegetarian diet. These recipes make it much easier to transition. Middle Eastern food is one of my favorites.
    I used to live in Florida, now in Idaho since 2006.
    Also I have a Pinterest page, but not nearly as healthy as yours.

    1. Hello Elaine. I am so happy to hear from you. I have been on the AIP, elimination diet so I completely understand what you are going through. I am happy to make recipes for kinds of diets. If there is a specific recipe you are looking for, I will be happy to make it for you. Keep the recommendations coming. As for Idaho, that must have been a shock to the system coming for Florida. Hope you are enjoying Idaho.