Quick 5 minute Mint vinaigrette with Za’atar spice, lemon juice, maple syrup, oil and fresh mint. Serve on fruits, vegan salads or use as a marinade

My name is Rini and I am addicted to Za’atar!!

While I am in the admitting mood, “My name is Rini and I am addicted to homemade dressings!!”

This mint vinaigrette is what happens when I bring my 2 favorite addictions together!

Front view of a small glass cruet filled with mint vinaigrette. Background has mint and blackberry
This is the best dressing you will make!

Tips for making this vinaigrette

  • Finely chop up the mint before adding to the vinaigrette. I kept it whole for the sake of photography
  • Make this recipe the night before you want to use it which will make sure all the ingredients have had time to come together
  • Ginger and / or cloves can be added to this vinaigrette, depending on what recipe you are putting it into. I am planning on using it in a sweet recipe, so, I skipped ginger and garlic
  • I used extra maple syrup in it because it is going into a sweet recipe. Adjust the sweetness based on the recipe you will be using it in
  • You can marinate tofu in it and use it in a different recipes. I marinated and grilled the tofu before using it in a pasta recipe (coming in the near future)
  • Keep this mint vinaigrette refrigerated and use it up within one week of making it
  • Check out some of my tips and tricks on how to keep mint fresher longer.
Front view of a small glass cruet filled with mint vinaigrette. Background has mint and blackberry
A vinaigrette made with only the good stuff!

Why use za’atar?

Za’atar is my favorite spice of all time. I love, LOVE its versatility and love how it can instantly change the flavor of any recipe

Change it for the better!

I have used it in snacks, energy bites, salads and dips. This mint vinaigrette recipe is front and center in my summer fruit salad recipe .

Front view of a small glass cruet filled with mint vinaigrette. Background has mint and blackberry
Perfect for any salad recipe!

I also have my very own za’atar spice recipe made using sumac and dried herbs. I use it in so many recipes now, so it makes sense to make it at home.

Learn more about Za’atar from Wikipedia.

How to store it

This dressing, just like all dressings and vinaigrette, should be stored in a glass bottle.  Glass is not reactive with the acid components in this mint vinaigrette and all vinaigrettes

I know plastic bottles are convenient to store and carry around, but, personally I am not a fan of them

Also, use a mini funnel like this one from (affiliate link) Amazon. These mini funnels are a game changer. I bought 5 of them from amazon and can’t be without them anymore.

Front view of a cruet with oil and lemon juice with a mini funnel over the opening
Use a funnel to transfer the dressing to the bottle

These mini funnels perfect for filling ketchup bottles, spice bottles, salt shakers and so much more.

How to use it

The possibilities are endless, so, put it in any recipe you like and comment below with how you used it. I would love to hear from you about it.

This dressing is inspired in part by Jamie Oliver’s Principles of Superb Salads

Top view of a small glass cruet filled with mint Za’atar vinaigrette. Background has mint and blackberry
Using fresh mints makes all the difference in this mint vinaigrette

More za’atar recipes

Other than this mint vinaigrette, za’atar is delicious in these recipes too. I am also building a list of my best za’atar recipes, so, check it out

Front view of a small glass cruet filled with mint vinaigrette. Background has mint and blackberry

How to Make Mint Vinaigrette

Quick 5 minute mint vinaigrette dressing with Za'atar
5 from 48 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Salad Dressing
Cuisine American
Servings 4 servings
Calories 297 kcal


Optional Ingredients

  • 1 Tbsp Ginger see notes
  • 2 cloves Garlic see notes


  • In a salad bottle, add all the ingredients
  • Give it a good shake
  • Refrigerate for 4 hours to overnight
  • Serve over favorite recipe


– I added a little extra agave based on the recipe I am going to be using it in.  Feel free to adjust it based on your recipe.
– Add Garlic and ginger depending on the recipe you are using this mint vinaigrette in.  If it is a sweet recipe, omit the ginger and garlic. 
– Nutrition info is approximate


Calories: 297kcal
Keyword easy homemade dressings, how to make a mint dressing, za’atar recipes
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