Greek cuisine is so friendly to vegans, so, I wanted to celebrate this amazing cuisine by creating 7+ vegan Greek recipes for lunch, dinner or dessert. All these recipes are so easy to make and even easier to eat (Version 2)

One of the places to visit on my bucket list is Greece!

I want to have a picnic on top of a cliff overlooking the Agean sea while munching any one of these vegan Greek recipes!

Collage made of different vegan greek recipes

Why I love Greek food

Greek food is salty, spicy and tangy! Need I say more?

Here are more reasons why I like Greek recipes

  • Greek food emphasizes a lot of good Fats in their meals which always makes me happy
  • Most Greek food is made with fresh ingredients. There is very little to no preservatives, artificial ingredients or weird sounding ingredients
  • Greek food is my go-to meal-prep cuisine. Vegan Greek food preserves well, especially the grains
  • Ingredients in Greek foods are affordable and don’t break my wallet
  • It isn’t hard to find good Greek food here in FL. I have seen Greek restaurant and food trucks pop up all around me. From the fried food to the healthy salads, there is nothing the Greeks can’t make

One bit of quick advice: Don’t ever ask a Greek restaurant if they serve falafal! A true Greek chef will be offended by that request and may throw you out of the restaurant.

I speak from personal experience! 🙂

Vegan Greek recipes

Easy Cucumber Salad

Top and closeup view of a spicy cucumber salad in a white bowl
How delicious does this cucumber salad look!

How to make a cucumber salad more interesting? Add harissa flavors to it and then devour it.

This salad comes together in just minutes and can be a healthy keto lunch or side dish.

Pressure cooker couscous salad

Top View of vegan couscous salad in the pressure cooker - Vegan Greek Recipes

If you haven’t made couscous in the pressure cooker, you are actually wasting time! Sorry to be so blunt, but, its true. 🙂

It truly belongs in the number 1 spot on this vegan Greek recipes list.

This couscous salad is ready in 10 minutes when made in the pressure cooker. You can have this delicious vegan recipe without breaking a sweat!

Its also my go-to recipe for meal prep because I can make a huge batch in 10 minutes and it will last me all week.

Easy olive salad

Top view of olive salad on a whipped feta dip with a tortilla chips on inserted on the left side of the dip
What are you waiting for? Dive in and enjoy this easy olive salad.

This olive salad is packed with so much good stuff. It’s my favorite Greek lunch recipe because I can remain satisfied until well past dinner time.

Olives are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. They can help your skin, nails and liver like no other vegan food.

So, be sure to have this olive salad recipe in your recipe box. It will become your go-to lunch recipe. Eat it by itself or top it on this Mediterranean Whipped Feta recipe.

Spinach salad with bagel chips

From what I see, spinach is a huge part of Greek food. Its in their main course meals, appetizers, breakfast recipes and snacks.

I love creating a Greek spinach salad recipe with some of the staples you find in Greek diet. I put spinach, garden grown cherry tomatoes, red onions, cucumber and all in a light lemon dressing

You don’t see kalamata olives in the pic above because they are hidden below. They are my favorite part of this spinach salad

Homemade Greek seasoning

Overhead view of a glass jar filled with Greek Seasoning Mix and surrounded by Autumn leaves and Greek dipping oil

This is a huge collection of dried spices put together to make a delicious Greek seasoning which I then used in a dipping oil recipe.

The Greek seasoning has a ton of ingredients, but, each ingredient brings an amazing flavor to the seasoning. Its great for salads, fruits, pastas and so much more.

Vegan Greek recipes taste a hundred times better because of all the ingredients in this seasoning

The seasoning also has a very long shelf life. I made this batch in October and I still have some of it leftover. Keeping it in an air-tight container really makes a difference

Vegan tzatziki

Closeup view of a white bowl filled with Tzatziki with carrot saalad on the left and matcha powder line on the right. To the left of the bowl, Parsley, cucumber and lime rounds are placed in an arc

Vegan tzatziki made with with cucumber, carrots, parsley and vegan yogurt! This yogurt sauce is so versatile.

I have used it as a dip, as a spread and as a sauce. From fruit recipes, salad recipes, sandwiches and even in a dessert recipe one time

Don’t tell Greek chefs, but, I have also used it in a falafal recipe. 🙂

Vegan gyros

Front View of a Wrapped Pita Filled with Grilled Veggies - Vegan Gyros


Doesn’t matter how you say it because it doesn’t matter in this recipe! The vegan gyros are super easy to make and they are DELICIOUS

Greek style bread salad

Front view of bread salad with olives, tomatoes, bread, onions and capers.
This panzanella salad is a simple bread salad made with sourdough bread

Ok, this is more of a fusion recipe. I used French bread but the rest of the ingredients are Greek staples

From capers to olives and everything in between, this bread salad is an amazing lunch or side dish to make anytime of the year.

Its also a great way to use up day old bread which might otherwise go to waste

Vegan feta cheese

Tofu cubes in a glass jar

Feta has been my favorite cheese for a long time. I won’t deny it that I miss it terribly in the vegan diet.

So, I decided to create a vegan feta version by marinating tofu. Its salty, tangy and crumbly. The only difference is that I added a little bit of spice to it

Sounds good right?

Roasted Brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts in a cast iron pan with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and pine nuts.  A pair of tongs is sitting on top of the pan

Roasted Brussels sprouts with olives, sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts. Its the only Brussels sprouts recipe on this vegan Greek recipes. I should make more, shouldn’t I?

I dare you to now like Brussels sprouts after trying this recipe. It has turned around many a Brussels sprout haters

Its also a very easy cleanup because I made it in one pan!

Mediterranean nashed potatoes

Overhead view of a steel bowl made filled with vegan Mediterranean mashed potatoes and topped with kalamata olives, bell pepper strips and fresh parsley

Why eat plain old boring mashed potatoes!

I love these Mediterranean style mashed potatoes because they are flavorful and filling! This one is definitely my top 3 favorite on this vegan Greek recipes list

The mashed potatoes have olives, bell peppers and dried spices. I think I am going to have a Greek vegan thanksgiving, just so I can make these mashed potatoes

Mediterranean tomato salad

Top view of a mix of different tomatoes in a bowl with a bottle of blueberry sauce on the side.

What would a roundup be without a tomato recipe?? I had to include this tomato salad on the vegan Greek recipes roundup.

It has feta in it, but, I did put vegan feta in it after I posted this recipe. It tastes really good and is the perfect offset to the blueberry vinaigrette

If you want more information on the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian ingredients, I have a super easy vegan guide that you can consult.

More vegan Greek recipes

My fellow food bloggers are very talented chefs. They have a love of vegan Greek food just as much as I do.

Check out these creative vegan recipes from the internet

Version 1 of this post

Greek cuisine has so much to offer people of all diets. Here, I have collected 7 lipsmackingly delicious Vegan Greek Recipes that will make you go "Opa!"

From time to time, I go back to old posts and refresh them for various reasons. This vegan Greek recipes post was originally published on May 16th, 2016 at 5:52pm

I updated this post to include a newer vegan Greek recipes and also set it in a more easy-to-read format

Now its your turn! Proudly proclaim your love of vegan Greek recipes below and I will applaud you for it!

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