Side Dish Recipes

Many times, when I find myself at dinner parties, the only thing I can eat are the side dish recipes.

That’s because the entrees are meat meals.  So, I find myself scrounging around the dinner table looking for side dishes.

My favorite sides are mashed potatoes, vegetable dishes, rice recipes and fruit recipes.  So, if you are hosting a dinner party, make sure you have vegan side dishes as well as vegetarian side dishes.

People like me will highly appreciate these meals.  We love it when the host thinks of our specific diet.

I took extra care to make sure these recipes are easy to make and are made using pantry staple ingredients.  I even included a few bread recipes on this side dish list because EVERYONE loves it.

Best part of this list is that you will find these recipes can be cooked in the oven, instant pot, air fryer, Dutch oven and even the toaster oven.  I like to use every gadget available to me that will make my life easier.   But, I am very fond of my Instant Pot.  You will be seeing more Instant Pot recipes popping up in this category very soon.

So, make this awesome side dishes for your dinner parties or just as a side to serve at your dinner table.  Come back and let me know how you easy/hard they were to make.

Is there a specific ingredient you want to center a side dish around?  Feel free to contact me for your suggestions.  I am always happy to hear from you.

Which side dish in this category is your favorite?