Quick and easy roasted baby potato recipes that are really easy to make and need only a few ingredients. They make the perfect side dish to any meal

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How much do you love potatoes?

Its one of my favorite guilty pleasures and occasionally, I let myself indulge in a delicious potato recipe

A collage of 4 roasted baby potatoes recipe
You will love everyone of these baby potato recipes

Tip for working with them

– Just like with sweet potatoes, make sure you wash, wash, wash and wash some more.

– Where possible, keep the skin on for the cooking process

– Oven-roast these baby potatoes instead of cooking them stove top or microwaving them.  I find that oven roasting them cooks them more evenly

– Store them in a cool, dry place and use them up within a month of purchasing them

Check out the video below for all 3 of these roasted baby potato recipes

Best small potato recipes

Lebanese potatoes

Top view of a grey tray filled with potatoes, garnished with red pepper flakes, tahini and cilantro. On the side, there are 3 slices of lemon
Made using honey gold potatoes, these Lebanese potatoes are delicious!

This spicy potatoes recipe makes use of honey gold potatoes which are simply little pieces of heaven!

I made the in the air fryer using easy to find ingredients. One of the ingredients is my all time favorite. I use tahini almost every day! It’s a healthy recipe, packed with so many delicious ingredients.

Creole potatoes

Angle and closeup view of potatoes and peas on a white plate
Creole potatoes with peas in the Dutch oven. This is a hearty side dish.

A mix of baby potatoes and red potatoes make this a really fun recipe to make. Cook it in the dutch oven and you will get the perfectly cooked potatoes, peas and onions!

This recipe also gets to use my favorite homemade creole seasoning recipe which takes 5 minutes to make. The seasoning also has a long shelf life.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Closeup view of a single smashed baby potato garnished with rosemary sprigs, ground pepper and melted butter
Smash potatoes and top them with any one of your favorite toppings.

Smash a boiled potato and top with a vegan melted butter mixed with fresh herbs and you have the BEST side dish for Thanksgiving or any meal!

These potatoes are dripping with melted butter and seasonings which no one can resist. Don’t be surprised if the five batches you made were gone in minutes!

Foil packet potatoes

Top view of potatoes and mini corn on the cob inside an aluminium wrap
Potatoes and corn is the best combination!

Going camping? Or you just want a fuss-free dinner side dish? Or you don’t want to use pots and pans because of the clean up afterwards?

Cooking food in foil packets is a very old tradition. Its an efficient way of making dinner and even the most cooking challenged will love cooking method.

The recipe is as easy as putting the veggies into a foil pocket and placing it in the oven. Or, let a campfire cook it.

Roasted potatoes with broccoli

Roasted broccoli and baby poatoes
Roasted broccoli and potatoes is one of those “make anytime” types of recipes.

Know someone who doesn’t like broccoli?

Does that same person devour potato recipes?

I think this recipe would be perfect for them because they can get the best of both worlds.  Besides, the broccoli will taste so much better when mixed with baby potatoes

Try these roasted baby potatoes with Parmesan (vegan or vegetarian)

Roasted potatoes with cilantro pesto

Overhead view of cilantro pesto and roasted poatoes
Cilantro pesto is a very easy potato recipe.

If you haven’t tried my cilantro pesto recipe, you are seriously missing out on a delicious pesto.

This pesto is not only great in pasta, its also perfect with roasted potatoes.  You haven’t had potatoes quite like this before

The Cilantro baby potato recipe takes less than 30 minutes to make and its a great side dish

Buttery, garlicky potatoes

Overhead view of garlic, buttery baby poatoes
Drizzle an extra dose of garlic and butter on potatoes! You will love the taste!

Garlic! Sage! Vegan Butter! All in sinful amounts!

Is there anything better than that?

I made individual sized garlic sage butter roasted baby potatoes about 3 years ago. To date, this is still my favorite way to cook baby potatoes. No one wants to share their roasted baby potatoes, so, this is best method for cooking them, if you ask me

These garlic butter roasted baby potatoes take less than 30 minutes to make! Side note: this recipe was originally sponsored by REVOL

Types of baby potatoes

  1. Dutch Yellow Baby Potatoes
  2. Honey Gold Potatoes (I used these honey gold potatoes to make my Bombay Potatoes recipe)
  3. Red Baby Potatoes
  4. Baby Sweet Potatoes (Have you tried my Tuscan Skillet Baby Sweet Potatoes recipe?)

External links above are fan-girl links and not affiliate links. If you like even more tinier potatoes, you have to check out my Air Fryer Potato Nibbles!

Answering your questions

How long to roast baby potatoes?

Roasted Baby Potatoes should be cooked at 350° and roasted for about 20-25 minutes.  This is the ideal temperature when I cook them in the oven when laid out on a sheet pan
If I am cooking them in a container like this (affiliate link) individual covered casserole dish, I like to up the temperature and the cooking time.  For that, I set the temp at 400° and cook for 25 minutes at a minimum

Do I need to peel baby potatoes?

No, you don’t need to peel baby potatoes.  Oven roasted baby potatoes always have their skin left unpeeled.  If you boil baby potatoes, then, the skin needs to be peeled.
In fact, all 3 of the above roasted baby potato recipes have their skin on during the cooking process.  I highly recommend oven roasting baby potatoes and keeping the skin on because it adds so much texture to any recipe.

How do you store baby potatoes

Place baby potatoes in an open basket type of container and place it in a cool, dark area of the pantry. They should be good for a month
I am guilty of putting them in the refrigerator because I tend to buy too much. Since I am always worried about them going bad if I don’t use them in time, I place them in a vegetable bag and then put them in the vegetable section of the fridge
Not sure if this a good thing, but, it has worked very well for me.

So, now its your turn. What is your favorite roasted baby potatoes recipe? Want to share some of your tips for storing baby potatoes? Sound off below in the comment section

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