Soup Recipes

Only the most simmeringly delicious soup recipes are in this category!

The soups are very easy to make using vegan and vegetarian ingredients that are in everyone’s pantry right now.

Soup season is state of mind! I can eat soups even when the weather is a balmy 100°F outside or when the weather is below zero!  Soup doesn’t need a season in my book!

I make fall soups, winter soups, spring soups and summer soups.  Summer soups do include gazpacho, but I also make creamy corn soups too.  If you haven’t had a creamy corn soup in the summer, you are seriously missing out.

As expected, I have a tomato soup recipe in here.  My tomato recipe is unlike any other because it includes roasted tomatoes and roasted bell peppers.  This makes the tomato soup very unique.

There is also a copycat version of Panera’s Autumn Squash soup.  My version is the vegan version of that recipe.  Try it today and let me know.  You won’t be able to tell the difference between the two soups.

If you like pasta in your soup, I have a delicious orzo soup loaded with veggies.  The soup is easy to make in one pan and then easy to be frozen to be enjoyed for up to 2 months.

Olive Garden’s Tuscan soup is easy to turn into a vegan version.  I used vegan sausage and coconut milk.  Best part is that it’s made in the Dutch oven.

There are creamy and brothy recipes that are cozy delicious.  These soup recipes will warm you up from the inside out.