Meal Ideas for Dinner

Quick dinner ideas and fast dinner meals are always in demand. Dinner recipes in this category are focused on comfort, family time and overall healthy lifestyle. There are easy dinner recipes, healthy dinner recipes and delicious too.

I have vegan dinners and vegetarian dinner recipes on this list.  That’s because cheese is a favorite of mine and also readers love it, lol.

Cheese gets a bad rap, but, it’s actually has some good nutrition in it.  Get the European hard cheeses like Parmagiano-reggiano which is heavily regulated, so that you get the very best.  This cheese also has a very high content of protein and Vitamin K2.   If you research K2, you will come to find out that it’s so important for humans.  Being vegetarian, that’s the easiest source of K2 for me.

I prefer European cheeses most of the time because they are very strict regulations governing the making of cheese in Europe.  Look for recipes marked “PDO” which means that they are made in their original locations and made using traditional methods.

I have used vegan cheeses in so many recipes and I haven’t found one that I like, haha!  I know they have come a long way, but a vegan cheese still doesn’t taste or melt like the real thing.  Also, these cheeses don’t have any K2 in them.  Most of these cheeses are OVERLY processed, making them very difficult for the human body to process.

So, as far as cheeses go, always go for the real thing.  This way, you know you are getting the healthy ingredients only.