The BEST Indian Food Recipes

Indian food is at the heart of all my cooking.  I have been cooking Indian food ever since I was tall enough to reach the stove.  My first attempt at cooking it was at about age 10 when I attempted to make roti.  Their shape was more like the map of USA instead of being round.

But, I learned how to make Indian food slowly and efficiently.  Now, I can make almost any recipe which I put my soul into.

My favorite Indian recipes are fusion recipes.  This is where I mix Indian food with cuisines from the world.  I have mixed Chinese food, Greek food, and American recipes.  If you have a specific request for fusion recipes, stop by my contacts page and drop me a note.  I am always happy for hear from my readers.

In this Indian food category, you will find Indian vegan recipes and Indian vegetarian recipes.  Many Indian recipes make use of Paneer which is vegetarian friendly.  You can always sub it with tofu.  I have a nifty guide on all about the vegan diet.  If you have questions, ask them anytime.

This category also has restaurant style Indian recipes, so, you don’t have to order out.  Make them at home and save a few bucks.

Bookmark this category page and come back to it whenever you need inspiration. I am always adding more Indian recipes, so, you can get even more inspiration.

My all time favorite Indian meal is Paneer makhani.  I always order it when I got Indian restaurants.

Discover the secrets behind these mouthwatering dishes and learn how to cook them yourself!