Easy Desserts To Make

Life is too short to skip dessert. So, these easy desserts to make category has the finest desserts. They look like you spent hours making it. In truth, these are very quick and delicious dessert recipes that anyone can make for any occasion.

This list has only vegetarian and vegan dessert recipes, so, it will simplify your life.  The ingredients are simple and easily purchased from grocery stores, big box stores or Amazon.  Things like Chia seeds are the perfect egg substitute.

There are pear desserts, chocolate desserts, puff pastry desserts, easy apple pie made in cast iron pan and so much more.  Even I have bookmarked this category so I can easily refer to it when I need a dessert fix.

Full disclosure – I am not very good at baking or a even a good dessert person.  So, some of these recipes will use shortcuts like baking mix.  The few dessert recipes you will find on my blog have been made a few dozen times because I am very baking challenged, lol.  But, that just proves that the dessert is delicious as presented.

If you don’t want to turn on the oven, then you are in luck.  This list has a few no-bake dessert recipes that you will fall in love with.

The oven is not the only place you can bake a dessert.  Have an air fryer?  It’s an awesome dessert maker too.  Air Fryer Baking recipes are now my favorite way to get my sweet tooth fix.  I made snowball cookies in it and they are just simply delicious.