Mexican Recipes

Easy vegetarian and vegan Mexican recipes that anyone can make and enjoy.

Mexican Recipes are a favorite among vegetarians and vegans.  That’s because they are so many choices, they are filling, and they comfort you down to your soul.

There is just something so comforting about eating a tostada filled with homemade guacamole and topped with salsa-marinated tofu!  It’s a really easy tostada to make and you can enjoy any time of the year.  Its our favorite recipe to make on Taco Tuesday

One of the most important spices I have discovered that are exclusive to Mexican cuisine is Tajin!  It’s such a unique spice that I couldn’t help falling in love with it.  You will see me use it in corn recipes, cauliflower rice recipes and even in a chili recipe.

Many Mexican recipes call for homemade taco bowls, taco shells and refried beans.  I found easy ways to make all three at home, so, it can save you some money.  I made refried beans in the pressure cooker and it was so easy!

As for cheese, you will see me using cotija cheese in these recipes because it’s very authentic Mexican.  What do you think of cotija?

Rice is also a fan favorite and so, I included Mexican rice recipe in this list.  Look for my Mexican Fried Rice recipe in the list and make it.  Come back and tell me just how much you loved it.

Make these recipe and come back to tell me which one is your favorite.  Bonus points for anyone who loves the poblano casserole and the vegan elote recipe.