Brunch Recipes

I have always said that Sunday brunch is my favorite meal of the week. Everyday, I look forward to a delicious spread of brunch recipes that are simple, easy and delicious. Vegan and vegetarian recipes come alive in a brunch setting.

If you are looking for a simple brunch ideas for your Sunday brunch or even Easter Brunch, this category has something that might interest so many people. Brunch should always be fun and entice the taste buds.

Those who know me, know that I am NOT a breakfast person at all.  I am just never ready to eat food in the morning after I wake up.  But, come 11am, suddenly, I am ready to start eating simple foods.

So, brunch time exists because of people like me, lol!  I always start with a simple brunch drinks like a frozen hot chocolate or a raspberry mojito.  These drinks are a good way to start the brunch time.

Now, it’s on to the brunch appetizers.  I will make mini waffles and a caprese tart.  The caprese tart is the perfect Summer brunch recipe, because the tomatoes are at their peak.  Also, the base is made with homemade pesto using herbs from my garden.

So, in this category, you will find Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas, Christmas Brunch ideas and just for when you want to have an ordinary Sunday brunch.

Have you tried a sweet potato hash for Easter brunch?  This is a very hearty brunch recipe that is made in a cast iron skillet.  There are hidden veggies in it too and topped with a sinful amount of cheese.