Appetizers are truly important for any occasion.  They prep the eater’s taste buds for the main course meal that is to follow.

In this category, you will find simple vegetarian and vegan appetizers for the whole family to enjoy.

I have included healthy appetizer recipes, game day grub, super bowl snacks, awesome dips and spreads, easy finger foods, party appetizers and so much more.  Everyone will be able to find at least one recipe in this category because I have a large variety of appetizers.

One of my favorite ingredients to use in an appetizer is beets!  They make an awesome snack and happen to be healthy.  Have you tried beet chips before?  Even beet hummus is a colorful recipe that can be used as a spread or a dip.

If you love avocados, I have an avocado spread that is so delicious.  I also have a delicious avocado soup that will knock your socks off!  It’s a creamy and slightly spicy soup that is delicious.

In this category, I have also included some keto appetizers that I have recently created.  My olive salad has become so popular with my family members that they insist I bring it to all gatherings.  It’s packed with good fats and nutrition that will keep you satisfied for hours.

Then, there are also comforting appetizers made with potatoes!  I mean, who doesn’t love a good potato starter recipe, right?

So, try all the recipes in this category and do let me know which ones are your favorite!  I love hearing from all of you about it.